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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Grumpy old man!

Seriously sometimes the old man is not being rational!

He tends to have the liking to "show" people that he's the boss around this area.. Not really sure how to put it in words but the feeling is sort of like when there are guests at home or when we're out for dinner with family he's like trying to show off his authority.


Just now during dinner,
I was sitting in between my dad and my cousin.
My cousin and I were happily chatting away and then he was like "don't talk while having dinner."

Then i looked at him and said what's wrong with talking! It's not like we've got much time to talk face to face anymore since she's migrating...! And.. mind you I'm using his favourite quote " ... got not much time to ..."

Then my aunt said let them talk la..
Then a few seconds later my uncles were talking about some highway - bla bla bla stuff then I looked at him and sarcastically said look they're talking! So ask them to stop talking as well!

He shut up. I caught my mom's eye contact when I was about to resume talking to my cousin and sometimes I don't know how to react. I don't know if I should feel proud or should I feel guilty because she's so two faced at times and that makes me lost for which emotion to put on my face!

Yesterday I was all being PMS-sy and stuff and to quote what she said "If you don't like it then say it." Taking her advice I did it today to my dad and then she gave me THE most confusing look.

It's just so hard to handle my folks sometimes that even crying is a sin. If i can't cry inside my house then where do you want me to cry? There are so many times that I have to wait till they sleep and then only can I do my crying business.

Not that I'm not showing any gratitude for all they have done for me but if you put me in a position which is so hard for me to show my emotion then what do you expect me to do?

SERIOUSLY SCREW YOU.... (at times)


Grumpy blog post after so long..!


Work starts tomorrow!
Hope I'll do alright!

Monday, October 18, 2010



Always giving me all those bullshit.
and I mean always!

Don't ask me to do you any favours.
Do it yourself.
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