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Monday, December 31, 2007

Year 2008 Resolution...

I know.. i know.. it's still early for a new year's resolution but i can't blog on the first!!
haha.. so here goes..

1) Get richer~! I need money for CDs, Mangas, Magazines, Animes, Doramas and outings!! [>.<]
2) Study harder to for the stupid SPM eventhough i think i will die..
3) Stop being so lazy.. and i mean it.
4) Sort out my stuff on my computer..
5) Less arguments between parents
6) The end of my rebelious stage
7) No losing any friendships.. Not tha this reallyhappened before but as a guideline.. haha
8) Finish my fanfictions which have been deserted for OH SO LONG~!!!
9) figure out what i wanna do for my future..
10) Whatever thats gonna set myself straight..

And now something stupid to tease my brother..

Wait for it...

Tadahhh~~~ [>.<] Nothing actually,, just to tease.. lol


To SPM.. I hate you.. haha xD So since i hate you.. give me straight A's okay?? then I'll love you!! haha

]WELCOME 2008[

Sunday, December 30, 2007


Every week, you guys talk argue about the sâme thing again and again..

It's either about money, meetings or household stuff..

Come on, even if your not bored of the topic.. I AM!!!

Come up with a new topic to entertain me.. okay??

Every time when either of yoû guys can't seem to find another idea to win over the opponent.. it's these reasons..

1) Do you know that you're a bloody ignorant person.. Do you know that when someone is talking to you then you cut them of and go bili bala bili bala..

2) Do you know tat your voice is so loud? Everyone's ear is pierced.. And You hurt a lot of people because you don't think before when you talk... Show all those grumpy face..

3)Whatever la.. You like la..

4)I don't want to talk to you already.. because everytime i talk to you, you will shut me off just like that..

Next time when you argue, please let me close my door and blast my songs.. I don't want to listen to the same old excuse over and over again.. Don't rant about it..

Most importantly..


Owhh yeah.. i am calm when i wrote this..

Saturday, December 29, 2007

( - m - )...

I was scrolling around today in LJ and stumbled on an ANTI-Yaoi Community.. I was sort of pissed of for a moment. So out of curiosity i checked it out..

They were mainly talking about fandoms and doujins, so it didn't hurt me that bad cause thats not my kind of stuff.. But I pity those who drew the doujins and wrote the fandoms.. I mean like they put up enough effort to bring those who enjoy some entertainment.. but were criticized.. I had a feeling like, if you don't like it then don't read them. Then you won't be disturbed..

I just really don't like what this user has posted up.. It's hurtful..
"The Stupidity of KH Yaoi Fangirls"
I've recently found some deliciously stupid posts from a yaoi fangirl of the Kingdom Hearts fandom concerning Kairi, SoraxKairi and her
OTP: RikuxSora.
Next time when you try a new genre of Manga, Try asking yourself these:
Are you able to accept the fact that they are in fact the same sex?
If you already knew who the character and pairing are do you still wanna read?
Ask yourself before crtitcizing..
Owhh yeah, I know that when you wiki YAOI they give you the definition of

YAOI - an acronym for "Yama nashi, ochi nashi, imi nashi." That's Japanese for "No peak, no plot, no point." YAOI is hardcore porn of the boys love variety.

I disagree with that because most of the YAOI mangas i read have plots.

It's not a bad thing showing excessive sex scenes. I mean you do want to make love to your partner, don't you?? same goes to them. What's wrong?

I for one think that it's nice and enjoyable not just because of the smex.. it's more than that.. It's cute, it's moe, it's fun, it's romantic, it's stimulating, i think i like best about YAOI mangas is because of the unrequited love..

Lol, don't blame me for liking yaoi.. i just like it.

Messy.. i know.. [>.<]

Friday, December 28, 2007


I love this release.. I remember i used to hate those screaming and shouting songs which i can't catch what the hell they're trying to say but i've CHANGED.. My tastes have changed!! wahahhaa.. i really like Satoshi's voice..

I've been wishing for a lot of things these past few days..

My wishlist is too full for anymore of my silly wishes..

Surprisingly I've spent so much money this year.. haha.. next year i've got to continue my budget list again.. I stopped it this year after being so lazy and all.. lol.. even my teachers said i've become lazy.. lol

I bet alice nine. is already in Germany.. I wonder if i could meet them in the airport on the 31st.. maybe they're leaving on the same day as me! [>.<]

Wahhh, then i'll walk near them get a picture, tell them how much i like them, get their autograph, another extra Tora's autograph for Sook Yee, and then get them to exchange e-mails with me then we text each other and then we become really close so whenever they have a live they would send me a ticket to see them plus backstage passes..

Haha.. A girl can only dream right??.. lol..

I know many alice nine. fans have the same dream.. Maybe some already fulfilled it!! 0.o

P.S.: Sook Yee, yeah.. i took it from you..!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

27th December 2007

The 29th of Decmeber 2007..

Is the day where i WAS supposed to be able to see alice nine. LIVE..

But unfortunately i CAN'T..

Which makes me so so SAD!!!

I now truely believe in the phrase.. So NEAR yet So FAR...

Anyways.. To alice nine.,

Have a wonderful time in Germany and may you rock more souls!!

Eventhough i know you guys will!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007




Monday, December 24, 2007


Jelly fish replicas..

But they look like silicons for breast implants more.. lol

Anyways.. MERRY CHRISTMAS~!!!!!

p.s.: Dear Jerry, GET WELL SOON~!! If not your master will be very SAD~! we don't wanna see that!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Do you plead guilty??


rumbles.. rumbles..

KooDi : Why aren't you saying anything?
Aaron : ................
Why don't you try it?
KooDi : Mmmmmnnngg*shakes head*
Aaron : *starts singing something stupid*
KooDi : How much is the guitar?
Aaron : 15,90.... 15,90.....
KooDi : Say it one more time..
Aaron : 15,90
KooDi : Don't lie to me..
Aaron : Less than one million Euro..
KooDi : More than..?
Aaron : More then 50 Euro..
KooDi : Less than..
Aaron : Less than 100 Euro..
KooDi : It's 85,90 for thiiiss.............
Aaron : Eh, wait.. there's also a box..
KooDi : Wahhh, whats's this for? to store dead bodies??

The honourable judge and the convict.. Lol.. XD

Byeee~!! Off to Spain now.. see you guys..

Thursday, December 20, 2007

I hate my...


Yes.. i really do hate it..

a)When i wake up out of bed it looks like i got bombed..
b)When i wash it and its dry.. it looks as flat as can be and dry like a desert..
c)When i don't wash my hair for just ONE day it becomes oily as olive oil and itchy as if i have fleas..
d)When i want to wax it but it wouldn't shape up like how i want it to..
e)When i have to wash it..
f)When it grows long and i have to clip it to school and look like an idiot..

Thank you.. (-o-)

Bye Bye..

Does anyone suffer from the same disease?? XD

Dad n Wii..


Guess What!!

I'm going for the Jrock Invasion Concert Episode 1 after all!!

Yay~! I get to MEET alice nine. Kra, Kagraa, SuG, Screw~!!!!!!!!

But most importantly... SAGA~!! WAHHHHH~!!! SAGA, SAGA, SAGA, SAGA,~!!!

OMG~!! I'm so DAMN EXCITED.. My blood is BOILING!!!

Yeah.. I really wish i could go.. but unfortunately.. i can't why.. well there are many reasons why i can't go.. haih.. But nevermind, i'll just have to leave my first time with SOOK YEE!(<-- if you get it.. it means you're smart.. Lol..)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

A stupid prank..

Just something stupid and hurtful to some people..

Note* If this offends you halway.. please don't watch. Stop it and continue what ever u want to do..

Friday, December 14, 2007


Sort of in a foul mood right now.. Thanks to well, some people.. Again and again it always like this.. just because i don't want to go out they start firing my pants. Wtf~! It's always my bloody fault~! I hate it!!

then then..~ Now some one is glaring at me with those eyes stating they're pissed off with me..
Whee~! I don't CARE!

Sometimes it feels like its better not going on holiday.. I know you guys would say that "you should be grateful that your parents bought you for holidays unlike some people who are less fortunate" but it just can't be helped that i'm feeling this way..

Holidays are supposed to be relaxing right? But somehow at some parts of the holiday its stressfull and i'd feel like crying.. I'm Oh so pissed at myself right now..

Note* I know i can be spoilt at times and i am spoilt when it comes to things i want but this time.. it sick! not making sense am i? Argh~! I don't know anything anymore..

I feel like a piece of SHIT.. [-o-]

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Anyone hungry??Food..!

Christmas Market YUM YUMS~!!

Baked potato with sour cream.. hot nad nice~!!

I don't know what u call this but it's beefball and u deep the sauce with bread.. d'lish!

Kebap or Kebab?? Here it's Kebap but back home it's kebab.. lol

champiogns.. i love this!! It's peppery and hot and mushroomy!!

Longest sausage i've ever eaten!!

See how long it is..

The two-houred 3 course meal..

Looks nice right?? taste wise is like raw~~! >.<

This is waht i call nice! Look at the sauce!! MmmmmMmmm...!!!

What do u guys think about this?? Yummy right,, but i tell you..SWEET LIKE OMG CAN DIE~!

Dessert anyone??

Chocolate bananen~!

STRAWBERRIES!!! damn nice!

Snowballs.. thats what they call it..

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Lol.. young boy teaching old nab how to play with Nintendo Wii.. Hilarious..
Thats all for now.. wait for Three.. sceneries..


Err.. this post will most probably contain idiotic pictures which are stupid and if you don't like it wait for number Two.. haha.. Nothing much here.. just want to get back the old blogging feeling.. haha.. >.<

Okay.. this picture is a poster that i saw in the Berlin Hauptbahnhof meaning the main train station or something.. haha.. it reminds me of YP and her drawing on the table.. =)

Some one left his glove on a pole outside the Hanburg Hauptbahnhof.. haha.. i think his fingers are freezing.. so are mine..

I wonder why someone had to extinguish his cigarette in a tree??

This may look like normal picture of Wee Liam resting his hea don his knees but nope.. He was picking up those kellogs rice krispies.. which fell on the coach and was being sucked by the air-conditioner..

P.S.: My toes are frosty and wee is stuck to the Guitar Hero III game..

Saturday, December 1, 2007

I don't know what to write here today...

Hey~!!! I went to Hamburg today, and it's so nice there! Guess what!!??! I bought a pair of boots!! I'm extremely happy about it!! LoL.. Drank this soup called Ersendsuppe or something. No offence if i spelled it wrongly.. haha.. and something funny happen when we were drinking the soup.. Won't tell you guys here.. It's too hard to explain!! [>.<] I'm DAMN HUNGRY~!!!! HELP! lol.. anyways.. see you guiys later.. haha Bye.. Tommorow i think I'm going to Colonge.. Is that how u spell it?? Once again.. no offence if the spelling is wrong.. haha
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