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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Grumpy old man!

Seriously sometimes the old man is not being rational!

He tends to have the liking to "show" people that he's the boss around this area.. Not really sure how to put it in words but the feeling is sort of like when there are guests at home or when we're out for dinner with family he's like trying to show off his authority.


Just now during dinner,
I was sitting in between my dad and my cousin.
My cousin and I were happily chatting away and then he was like "don't talk while having dinner."

Then i looked at him and said what's wrong with talking! It's not like we've got much time to talk face to face anymore since she's migrating...! And.. mind you I'm using his favourite quote " ... got not much time to ..."

Then my aunt said let them talk la..
Then a few seconds later my uncles were talking about some highway - bla bla bla stuff then I looked at him and sarcastically said look they're talking! So ask them to stop talking as well!

He shut up. I caught my mom's eye contact when I was about to resume talking to my cousin and sometimes I don't know how to react. I don't know if I should feel proud or should I feel guilty because she's so two faced at times and that makes me lost for which emotion to put on my face!

Yesterday I was all being PMS-sy and stuff and to quote what she said "If you don't like it then say it." Taking her advice I did it today to my dad and then she gave me THE most confusing look.

It's just so hard to handle my folks sometimes that even crying is a sin. If i can't cry inside my house then where do you want me to cry? There are so many times that I have to wait till they sleep and then only can I do my crying business.

Not that I'm not showing any gratitude for all they have done for me but if you put me in a position which is so hard for me to show my emotion then what do you expect me to do?

SERIOUSLY SCREW YOU.... (at times)


Grumpy blog post after so long..!


Work starts tomorrow!
Hope I'll do alright!

Monday, October 18, 2010



Always giving me all those bullshit.
and I mean always!

Don't ask me to do you any favours.
Do it yourself.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Alison & Kenneth's "I wash, you flip."

Hope you guys remember this "VID" i made with my cousin in Feb 2010..

Well, we came back with another one..!
It's not professionally edited but we made it just for laughs anyways! :D
I think this one i funnier than the previous one..

But first!
We shall show you the original facial wash..
We didn't have it at home so we went to One Utama to take pictures of it!

This was taken at Guardian, One Utama opposite McD and KFC.

Kenneth and the product at Watson's One Utama.

and me! Also at Watson's One Utama!

and nowwwww!
The video! But you gotta watch this first so you'll understand what we're doing. Just watch the first advertisement. :D



Thursday, September 9, 2010


Anjing ku suka pergi jalan-jalan.

Dalam perjalanan jalan-jalan kita, 3 ekor anjing liar juga turut bersama-sama jalan.

Hatiku berlompat-lompat(berdegup lah!) kerana takut anjing liar gigit.

Bahasa Melayuku sudah masuk tong sampah. Sudah lama tak guna hingga menjadi bahasa campur pasar! BAGUSNYEEEEEE~ =.=


:) :O :D :3

*play Daft Punk's Digital Love adn you'll understand*

Last night, i had a dream about you.
In this dream, I'm wrapping you in blankets
And it looked like a deep fried popiah... =.=
This kind of feeling I've waited so long!

Don't stop come a little closer
As we fry it gets much crispier
There's nothing wrong with just a little little fun
We were frying all night long

The time is right to put my mouth around you
You're feeling right
You let your juice around too
But suddenly I feel the burning tongue
Before I knew it this dream was all gone

Ooh I don't know what to do
About this burning tongue
I wish this dream ends now

Ooh I don't know what to do
About this burning tongue
I need some ice right now

Why don't you play the game?

Why don't you play the game?

My blanket-popiah-ed mother.. xD
Done by me of course!

Song is actually from Daft Punk's Digital Love but i changed a bit of here and there for the story us neutralized and civilized people will create tomorrow..

Neutralized and civilized people = Kenneth Foo, Goh Wee Liam and ME! :D

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy 53rd Merdeka!

jalur gemilang

It's been fifty-three years since Malaysia's first independence!
Well time really flies real fast!

Gonna take my beautiful night nap now~
See you tomorrow!
Wonder if I'll go swimming tomorrow night or not since there's not reply.


and twitter is getting fun!

and boring sometimes...

And as you can see, I did something to the bloggie~
It looks the same butjust wider and bigger...
Should have done this a long time ago!

P.S.: Stole the picture from somewhere on google! so credit goes to whoever took that nice lil pic~

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Aaron's new house.

Okay first off,

You are finally touching the nice "three-O"..

Ya still remember this? ---> clickie
super embarassing tho. hahaaaa..
can't believe i posted something like that. :P

back to the main topic...
His new house is about a 5-8 minutes walk to KLCC. Close right? THe view from his tiny balcony shows one of entrance to Suria KLCC. Nice eh? It's still unfirnished, has no water supply and without any lightings but there's electricity!

You can go there, turn on the air cond and stand the whole time you're there if you did not bring a stool or a mat..

You'll end up like my sacrificed foot if you sat on the floor with neither.

I actually have a very obscene picture of myself posing with both my legs but am too shy to even post it up. It's really painful even for my eyes!


Sunday, August 22, 2010

A new header!

WOW! been about a month since my last post?

Sorry, coz there hasn't been anything fascinating going on in my life so it's not updated. okay.. okay..! i know i've been lazy! so no more! Will update a thing or two. Even if it's little.. xD

Here's some lemon meringue pie i made the other day~


Friday, July 23, 2010


This blog has been neglected for a very very very very very ve veryy long time now. Not that I don't want to blog but just that my fingers are too lazy to type the words out and just basically everytime when I blog I don't even know if there's anyone reading it. So it's sort of acting like a DEMOTIVATOR? Hahaha is there even such a word?

Anyways, haven't updated about the Lang Tengah trip that I went with Carmen and Maybell. If you're looking for a place with night activities and loads of noise then I don't think Lang Tengah is the place for you.

I've had so much free time there to just relax. My mind was totally off everything! Snorkelling was one of the best. Got to see a shark! I carried baby green turtles!! Touched 3 types of seacucumbers which really resembled a dildo! HAHAH! Maybe dildo designers got the idea from sea cucumbers? Meh.. Whatever!

AHH! Also there was this huge rock that we sat on! The rock is like.. the place for meditating. "Ohmmmmm Ohhmmmmm Ooohhhmmm" HAHAHA.. it also comes with the sound of the waves splashing and slapping the rocks.

We also got to meet really nice people on the island! The diving guy, Don. Then the chef,.... don't know what's his name... We just call him Pak Cik and our personal tour guide, Mus! hahaha... OMG! I think we spent so many hours of the 2 days with him! hahah He was the one who brough us to hunt for sharks, pick the seacucumbers and starfish.... yada yada yada...

Will post them pictures later~ After I'm done with choosing and resizing them... SO WAIT! or just go to carmen's and check some of them out.. =D

Many funny events happened on the trip. Hahaha.. very memorable~

I think something is wrong with me!
I don't write this many things when I blog! HAHAHA...
Maybe because I'm having my period that my hormones are flushing out? *bluek*

Oh! And thank you to the people who listen to me whine and cry yesterday..! Wasn't really a great day and I guess because it's the first day of my period that I got so highly emotional! HAHAHAHA...


Saturday, July 3, 2010

My new motto/quote!

"Since I don't have much money, I'l make it my own!"

has replaced my old motto/quote

"You need to save your own ass when there are other asses around you!"

Is all..

P.S.: My dad's sleeping and snoring on my bed. What beautiful melody.


And I'm too lazy to blog about graduation and the trip.
Maybe later... hehehee

My sad story.

Okay, first note.
As you all know I'm always complaining that I have no money and that is the truth.

I'm so poor that....
I only have RM5 in my purse/wallet.
(I don't know what to call my money bag) haha

And to top it off,
I still owe Maybell's dad for the Lang Tengah trip!

Okay, so whatever..
Here's what happen with a step by step guide.

Step one: Decide to take the money to use

I had to use the money that I kept aside for Lang Tengah to buy some ingredients for the dorayaki which my hands were itching to make.. It's really painful to even take the RM50 note to buy my stuff! I was sitting on my chair arguing in my brain if i should take the money or not.

Took it.

Step two: Go to a supermarket

So after deciding, i hoped into my brother's trusty SLK Small Little Kelisa and went to the nearest supermarket, MAXVALUE which was about 5 minutes away from my house. TOOK ME 12-15 FREAKING MINUTES TO REACH because it was a Friday night and I got stuck at the 8m distance to reaching MaxValue. Bla bla bla, over with the traffic disturbance....


Step three: Park the car

KEBABIAN BETUL. No parking says it all.
So, luckily I have the worlds best car. It would fit in any mini slot..! =D

Step four: Look for the items

I only needed 2 things and it was all I was hunting for.
a) Whipping cream and
b) Cake flour.

That was it. Walked to the dairy products aisle saw the whipping cream. Picked it up,saw the price, put it back down and walked to the flour section.

Pau flour, check.
Wheat flour, check.
Self-raising flour, check.
Rice flour, check.
Superfine white flour, CHECK.


Oh well, life goes on.

Then I walked passed the fruits and vegetables section and I saw strawberries! Decided to buy them and I took all the packs that they had there to choose which was the best. There was like about 18 of them I think?

Chosed the best one and I was ready to pay!
Walked towards the counter and then I placed the strawberries where I got them. There were too many people in the queue since THERE WAS ONLY ONE FREAKING COUNTER OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step five: Go home.

I got into the car, drove all the way home and wasted 45 minutes of my life.


My life is so fun..!


Sunday, June 20, 2010



My first mochi!
It may taste a little too sweet but COME ON!

It's my first try!
Give me some credit here..!

Just trying to make myself feel better
thats all...


Saturday, June 19, 2010


Should we name you sleeping beauty
or just simply Sleeper?
or Slipper?

I don't know why Slipper.
It just came to my mind.....

You slept the earliest and woke up the latest..!
Here's some toothpaste for you!


The pool

The pool was so nice!
The water is clean and FREAKING cold!!

Haha.. but you get used to it once you're in the water..
So no worries.


*ignore Kia Jie*

Take one: Vanny's struggling.. D=

Take two: Vanny's still struggling..


Hope you guys won't get mad!


The Chicken Game

In the left corner we have team Zhen Sern and Kia Jie..
And in the the right corner we have team Martin and Ernest!

*push* *slap* *pull* *pinch* *strangle*




The End

Oh! And someone's bird bird ended up in pain!


Serendah 15.06 - 16.06 2010

Pictures are stolen as usual from Ernest's FB.

The place we went to is called Sekeping Serendah.
It was an awesome Two days one night trip.
The place was relaxing and so comfortable that it was hard to part with especially when reality is awaiting our presence.. hahaha..

This was the entrance and the stairway to our little haven.

Bla bla bla stuff

The tiki dude~
Martin's partner for the night.. hahaha

The bathroom.
If you plan on going, please remember to take your shower when it is still bright. It's freaky at night...

Patrick and Majin Buu?


I stumbled on this pic while i was looking for some stuff in google.
Everytime I look at it I can't seem to stop laughing!

THe person who did this is so AWESOME! =D

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Today was one of the best karaokes I've had!


Glad that everyone was sporting enough!

Songs ranging from Abba's dancing queen..




Lady Gaga..

bla bla bla...


my eyes cant even open anymore....

Random stuff throughout the semester

I'm too lazy to talk about the pictures already...!
So whatever la..

Just enjoy the pictures..





Ah~ My favourite class of the semester~
The class which I look forward to everyday..
and also the one that puts the most stress in me.
It's the kind of class where you go in, laugh, learn, laugh, laugh, laugh and LAUGH some more!
I will dearly and surely miss this class the most..!

Another Mr.D.
He's a teddy bear and a Great story teller..!
I think in his previous life he worked as the Imperial Story teller or something.. ahahaha

Vanessa's artwork.
In my bag.

Lunch Buddies~

I'm running out of words to use........

Top: Nil a.k.a Indra
Bottom: Phillip, Nisa and Me stealing Vanessa's Milo~

The "damn sohai guy"..
His quote.

She's from Taiwan with a British accent!
I really like this picture of you..


Kinda sad that Margaret and I didn't have the same break.
Miss eating with her..
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