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Thursday, January 31, 2008

I want these~!!

I want this~!

this too~!!

Can i have one more?

They're on auction..

But unfortunately.. I CAN"T BUY THEM~!!!



Say hello to my best friend of the day~!!

My medicine.. so bloody big~!!

I wished i pooped like Sy instead of vomiting..

P.S.: I'M HUNGRY~!!!!!


I don't like how i'm feeling right now~!!!!

I can't even eat or drink anything!!

Whatever goes in.. comes out from the same entrance...


Wednesday, January 30, 2008



My stomach hurts really bad~~~..

I can't even sit up right!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Yakuza??? o.O
Yankee??? O.o
I learned something new today..
Dogs breast feeds on their pillow..
Or maybe just that special "dog". xD

Monday, January 28, 2008


Dear Khai Jie~!!!

Congratz on getting married~!! xD

On Chinese New Year some more.. [>//<]

haha.. hope you have a happy life~! =)

MiRRoR BaLL~!!

Mirror Ball is up for pre-order now~!!!

Miror Ball~! Miror Ball~! Miror Ball~! Miror Ball~!

alice nine./Mirror Ball[Regular Edition]
New single release from alice nine and theme song ot the live-action feature "Aquarian Age."
What's more, the band themselves appear in the film playing the song! This limited edition includes bonus DVD with the music video for "Ileiza - Memoire d'une fleur-

alice nine./Mirror Ball[w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type A]
This limited edition includes bonus DVD with the music video for "Mirror Ball"......

alice nine./Mirror Ball[w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type B]
This limited edition on the other hand includes bonus DVD with the music video for "Ileiza - Memoire d'une fleur-

Miror Ball~! Miror Ball~! Miror Ball~! Miror Ball~!

Sook Yee~!! Get well soon and don't scream when you read this~!!

So.. . When are we gonna pre-order?

I think it's approximately RM150..


MK~!!!!! Your pendrive has virus~!!!!!!

OMG~!! My com was like crashing just now~!!

I couldn't even open Mozilla or IE.. T_T

You really need to clear your com~!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Someone fetch me a pail~!!! Ahhh~!!!

I'm melting~!!!! [>.<]


Look~! Look~!!!

I'm so proud of myself~!! I made my first batch of icons~!

visit here to see them.. xD


My last work before sleeping yesteerday~!!

Adobe Photoshop can be fun, fun, fun~!

It's addictive~!! I made my first two sets of icons yesterday.. haha..

One is nice and the other is err........ xD

Doorless Toilet Take 2..

Wow, LOOK~! "Choi San Ye" came earlier by 2 weeks~!! He blessed me with a toilet door~!!!! Whoopee~~~~ [>.<]''

Now i have no problem bathing without the door~!! Coz i have one~!!!

Okay.. Okay.. I know.. you want me to stop crapping~! haha

It's weird right? For a toilet door.. (don't mind the magnets..) x'D

Cruelty to animals?? o.O

Nice tail... and I'm pulling it! [>.<']

Prevents him from flying up and down in the car.. XD

Saturday, January 26, 2008

How are you?

I'm visiting the patient today..
Her name's Chin Sook Yee..
She's totally an idiot.. xD

Friday, January 25, 2008



I like the way the colours blend in together..

Feels good.. =)

Sobs... ; -- ;

A part of his nose is bald..

Stupid pig~!

Please grow back hair/fur.. I know he wants it badly.. xD

Even animals don't like to be bald.. =)

Doorless toilet..

Apparently, some burglar snuck into my house and stole my toilet's door.. Why do you want my toilet's door? It's already almost broken.. "latt tau latt kuat" >.<

Lol.. kidding.. i came home and it was like this.. so i'm guessing we're getting a new door?? haha

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


From left to right : Gt. Leo and Vo. Soshi.
All together, they are Watashime Slug, but better known as Watashime.

I had their picture in my one and only Neo Genesis and didn't know who they were but now.. I KNOW~!! xD

Surprisingly, Leo knows English!! He wrote it in one of his post in his blog explaining how he knew English. It's rare to find Japanese artist who are fluent in English. He was also a support guitarist for Megamasso. Wow..

One more.. xD.. lols..

They do it too many times..


Condom Advertisement.. Gay version.. Lol

" Live long enough to find the good one. Protect yourself."

I found this a long time ago but i lost the link..

But fortunately today.. I found it~! xD

Condom Advertisement.. Normal version.. Lol

"Live long enough to find the right one."

I pity the girl.. But at least she's able to find the one after so long.. Haha

*sizzle* HOT~~~

Wished I had one of these inflatable pools..

It would be just nice to fit inside my house and no embarrasment needed.. Nobody will look at me except Mocha or my family..

Most importantly, i can relieve myself from this BLOODY HOT WEATHER~!!!

HELP.. I'M MELTING~!! [>.<]



Sook Yee, SY, Syee, SOOK, Sakana, Momoko, Himono-Onna, Idiot, Tora's No.1 Fan..

Get Well Soon~! After your afternoon nap it should probably be okay right? haha

Acid Black Cherry

Yay.. They're gonna release BLACK LIST, their first album next month~!!

Can't wait~!

Need to earn cash.. QUICK~!

Should i or shouldn't i?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


My house under termites invasion again~!!

HELP~! Someone!!

T_T.. Die u stupid things~~

DIE.. [>.<]


Dear Pn. Faziatul..

You really are a Donkey in Urban..

And Apparently my left boob is more mature than my left one..

I wonder why? xD

Sunday, January 20, 2008


To see that they also sell this in Japan really is funny..

To think that Shou drinks it is funnier...

To see that there's brushes is the funniest..

Imagine he uses it as a mask to rejuvenate his skin.. xD







Sexynye~~~~ xD

Euro-man, Euro-Girl~!!! Part 2

Esquire Kitchen's famous food..

"Tong Po Yuk", Woh Tip", "Eggplant in Yong Zhau style" and "fa guen"~!!!

Wahhh.. just damn syokkkkk~~~~~ hahahaha

Yes.. I'm tempting you~! xD

Euro-man, Euro-Girl~!!!

Yong tau foo from P. Street..

You wan?? You like??

Hee... =3

As sweet as Sugar..


I just came across this band and they're not bad..

I like the jamming and the vocals all together..

They give me a bit MUCC feel but different..

Ahhh~~ I just don't know how to describe.. xD

Wanna try?? Lol..


My second attempt of onigiri making..

It's not just plain rice anymore~!! [>.<]

There's one with wasabi and one with tamago.. =)


He reminds me of Jerry..

Just different in colour..

But i wonder what is a daschund( i think this is how u spell it) doing in a Paul Frank outlet?? xD

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Dear Cambridge People..

Can you please stop calling me?????

I'll take your language course when I'M FREE~!

Okay? Grr..



With homework...[-o-]'

Quoted from.. JC's mouth..

Wednesday, January 16, 2008



Quick announcement☆

After a great seance of acupuncture, and thanks to the assistance of everyone at the office, Tora-shi's condition seems to have improved a little☆

But there's no temporary measures, and I think we should carefully think about what we're going to do next so that this situation doesn't happen again to that extent, so we'll make another announcement.

For the moment, I just wanted to quickly tell you about this bright news (^_^)v
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -








McD.. =)

My first time eating McFlurry with M&Ms..

It's nice.. but i prefer it with Oreos..

Sook Yee.. My S.M. Daisakusen failed long ago..

haha.. >.<

Monday, January 14, 2008


I read what alice9_diaries translated about Tora's and Saga's most recent post.. And I'm am so overwhelmed and proud of what Saga said..

alice nine. won't stand on stage unless these 5 people are there.
And it's not necessary to cry tears of sadness on stage.
Tears are ok only during songs.
Until everyone is able to do their best smile again, I hope you'll be waiting.

This made me feel so lucky that Tora has these bandmates to pursue and challenge his illness, together as alice nine.(If you know what i mean). I think what all the members recently posted post in their blog about Tora has an overwhelming power. It might just seem like words, but they are words with full support and power..

Dear Tora,

Don't give up, okay? Never lose to something as stupid as cervical hernia.. It's not worth it!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Is January the month of torture?

First Tora. Now Mocha~!


He seems fine the whole day , but he's just not eating! I haven't feed him today, so it can't mean that he's full. This usually never happens, cause he finishes everything but today he just left it there.. Argh~!! So aggravating!!!

And why of all Sunday? They day where the bloody animal clinic is CLOSED~!

I just hope that the little guy isn't suffering inside.

I'm drained...

No more tears to spare anymore.


kshdfsbqileufip garehawopekjfopiawrehnogfiurh foiawehfoi[wqhf~!@#$%^&*(~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tora~!!! I really feel like hitting you right now~!!! If you knew you weren't feeling well, you should have told everyone~!! Don't drag about it!!!!!!!! I know you don't want to worry everyone but the fans and also the alice nine. members, crew and staff would definitely understand~!!!!!




I know you don't want to drag everyone into this, but still......... I mean what are your friends for~?????!!!! Urghhhh~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Painkillers will never always work.. You should have taken good care of yourself! Arghhh~!!! TORA~!!!!! IF YOU DON'T GET WELL SOON, EVERYONE IS GONNA BE SAD~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU DON'T TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOURSELF NOW, I WILL PERSONALLY FLY THERE AND HIT YOU ON THE HEAD~!!!!!


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Dear Shou, Hiroto, Saga and Nao..

You bunch of stupid idiots~!!! Since you knew that he was taking painkillers you should have advised him to stop~! You should have done something to stop him! He may be stubborn at first but if you persuade him he would definitely give in~!!!! ARGHH~!!!!

Please do take care of him. You guys know how it will feel without Tora even more than us fans. You guys went through a lot together, all the hardships would be meaningless without him! Don't give up on him! I know you guys won't!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Dear Tora,

バカ虎~!んんんんんん!!!!!!Please do take care of yourself! Imagine what would it feel like not to play the guitar anymore? I know you will definitely suffer from it! You love the guitar! So for the sake of the guitar stay healthy! I can't imagine what alice nine. would be without you~! I don't even dare to picture it, a poster of alice nine. without you!

I'm begging you! Please don't lose faith in recovering! It may be hard, painful and there definitely will be obstacles but you must never lose! You have to fight for your own! There's nothing anyone can do if you loose the courage and faith! I will do my own part by always praying for your health~! I know many will too~!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You idiot~! It made me so happy to know that alice nine. will be releasing a new single but now you give me this crappy news~!!!! ARGHHHHHHH~!@#$%^&*@#$%^&@#$%^&*~!@#$%

Saturday, January 12, 2008

From Sook Yee's blog which is from minori's blog...


仙台公演後、Guitar 虎の持病が悪化し

振替公演の日程及び、1/17 新潟以降の公演に関しては、
1/16 18:00時点での本人の回復を待ち、アリス九號.OFFICIAL HPなどでお知らせいたします。

Backstage Projectでお買い求めになられた方は、Backstage Projectへご連絡ください。



Tora got chronic disease since he was at the sendai perfomace ..
And the doctor said that he should stop everything to rest until he will be good ..
so ... Live on 12 , 14 , 15 ...were postponed as a result of A9 member and staff ..

虎ーさん!がんばってください!ずっとずっとお援助している! そして、あんたもがんばります~!


She's this big already..

I witnessed her growing from a kitten then to her first batch of kittens..

Time sure flies..

Swt.. [-o-]'

A nice picture of P. Ramlee's Identification Card on the dashboard of a taxi..

A real fan in need is a real fan indeed... [>.<]

Junjo Romantica.?? 0.o

Definitely will get this~!

They made Junjo Romantica in to an anime series~!!

When it's released(with English subs) It's gonna be mine~!!

Official site is here..


Friday, January 11, 2008



Urgh~!!! *pulls hair off of head*

You're only worth black and white.. [>.<]

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Err, Sook Yee..

I can feel the poorness right now..

Why so fast~?? At least until i save enough money la!

Three types again..

Three arr?

They're on the magazine cover some more~!!


Bye bye, my dearest money.. [>.<]

P.S. : Dear Euro-man a.k.a my dearest brother, Can i have this for my birthday?

P.S.S.: Dear Euro-girl a.k.a my dearest Di Lin, Can i have another set, also for my birthday?

So means there should be 6 altogether~! Okay??

P.S.S. : I know you're reading this~! =D

New single = Bankruptcy

alice nine.'s new single~!!

Out in three months time.. 2008.3.26

So fast~! [>.<]

Tracklistings are here..

I didn't know...

They made a P.S. I Love You movie..

I feel so outdated.. T_T


Together with Fish Final Episode ..

Bread anyone?

Smuggled in..


Together with Fish Episode 9..

My pink socks..

and someone's black toes..

haha. xD

Together with Fish Episode 8..

I kinda like this pic..


And i am getting irritated by..

My dame dame no uta song..

Together with Fish Episode 7..

I'm looking for my sour sop..

Can you see it..

My 2nd time in gasoline..

It's a nice place to relax.. =P

Soursop + Kiwi..
My choice.. and NO~! It doesn't have any "fart smell" taste~!!

Mango + Watermelon..
Sook Yee's choice.. A little too watery.. haha

Together with Fish Episode 7..

沙我~~~ and obviously me..

Any resemblance? Definitely no.. haha..

Took lots of PG-18 pictures( i think there's a rating like that.. xD)..

So can't be shown here.. [>.<]

Together with Fish Episode 6..

We saw Homer and his family..

In Pavillion..

We went to four places today..

KLCC, Pavillion, Sungei Wang and Times Square..

Together with Fish Episode 5..

I took the stairs..

The Fish took the escalator.. [-o-]

But luckily she took a picture of me..

Or else i wouldn't see how long my hair is..

Together with Fish Episode 4..

Out to lunch..

2nd time on Yoshinoya..

Ate the same thing again..

Beef teriyaki set..


Together with Fish Episode 3..

A mag with all their own designs..

The rings are all skulls..

But at least they have different styles..

Together with Fish Episode 2..


I own a mag with alice nine. on the front cover~!!

Look.. haha.. my desktop background.. =)


Together with Fish Episode 1..

First stop.. Kinokuniya..

How i wished i had the money to buy this!

36 pages of alice nine.! [>.<]

Anyone rich enough to buy me this?? 0.o

Saturday, January 5, 2008


My guinea pig, namely Mocha..


I just left him at his spot for an hour and this was made...

*You have been warned.... [>.<]

Friday, January 4, 2008

Before and After...

My Mocha.. in October..

My Mocha, In January.. [-o-]"

He's gotten overweight..

Owh well, that's what you call a prosperous guinea pig.. [>.<]






Thursday, January 3, 2008


Care to try?? lol

Just kidding.. i was actually drinking....

It's nice...
Anyways.. I'm amazed at myself that i'm a senior this year.. haha
Well, doesn't make a difference..
But the teachers are all yacking and saying you're now the senior so show some good qualities to your juniors.. Bla bla bla.. same old stuff..
Please... I wanna change class!!! hahaha
5 Gaharuuuu~!!! Welcome me please.... *haha*
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