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Sunday, April 27, 2008


Ugh.. Shouldn't have went to mamak with dad..
I'm filled with FOOD!!!!
Mission 01 : Prepare for Sunday's long-awaited lunch!
Mission 02 : SLEEP!

Fangirl moment!


Kyou Kara Maou has a sequel!!!!

Meaning Episode 79 --> more....

It's called Kyou Kara Maou 3rd series.. I think...

They call it that coz it's released after Kyou Kara Maou R, The OVA.. I think again.. T.T


I just finished watching episode 81 and Woah!!!


2 screen shots.. ^^

I'll allow your mind do the imagination..

But i tell you!!

To all KKM fans out there..

It's a must watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Lucky me again!
I got the treasures for Anizo 9!
Yes!! You see the panda looking one and the "sakai" one..
They're special!
There's one more..
We'll wait for the picture later from some one else if she post it.... ^^
And f*ck you IE for messing up my spacings again! Wth!



Wel.. I think i got tempted by Borders 3rd Anniversary Promotion... >.<

Yes.. I bought a new book.. Eventhough I'm on the verge of bankruptcy..

Look on the bright side.. It came with a post card!

*Note : Proud Collectors moment.. (I'm not rich! So spare me! xD)

English licensed scanlated Manga's by Viz Media, Shoujo Beat, Tokyopop, CMX, BLU, June Manga, bla bla bla..
Shoujo = 31 (-6 lost books.. T.T)
Yaoi = 14
Novel = 1

Local scanlated capalang manga..
Shoujo = 9

Total = 55 books!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Shoku! O.O

Was browsing around in Hiro Comic today.. and I say this!!!
Was shocked.. Really..! Wow.. First they shipped yaoi mangas.. then yaoi animes.. And now... BL Dramas!!
I'm not gonna buy it though.. haha.. Coz I don't really like the story and there's only one part i liked.. And i swear it's not that part you're thinking of..!
And i finally found out about Idol Beach! haha.. not gonna tell you what it is!
P.S.: I really hate IE! What's happened to all my spacings!


Ahh~~ Alas..

Aarinfantasy has already subbed the first episode for Junjou Romantica~~

Uwuwuwuwuw... But i still like the manga more.. xD

You just can't not love Misaki and Usagi-san..

Zettai Kareshi..

Look! The weigh is covering his *ahem ahem* haha
Whee~~ Finally I've watched the first episode!!
Hmm.. All I can say is that i'm really liking it.. xD
There are Hana-Kimi actors in it too!! ^^
There's Hiro Mizushima~~ <- - I like him.. Lol
And Nobuo Kyo.. haha..

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Chemistry class..

Did an experiment in the lab..

We were supposed to test out which chemical was more sooty with the filter paper bla bla bla.. so.. these are the results..

Original filter paper..

YP's filter paper..

Mine.. T.T
I accidentally burned the paper and this was all that was left.. xD!


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tagged by Yp~~


1.Who took your profile picture?- Errr.. Me?
2. Exactly what are you wearing rightnow?- Tshirt and panties.. oops PANTS!
3. What is your current problem?- Mom threatening to cut off streamyx.. T.T
4. What's the name of the song yourlistening to?- Ino Head Park - Guruguru Tonight.. I love this song!

Chapter 1: ABOUT YOU ?
1. Nickname?- Ali, Asshole, Deer.......???
2. Eye colour - The opposite of white..
3. Hair color?- black..
4. Height?- I dunno.. 162-163??

Chapter 2: FAMILY ?
1. Do you live with your parent(s)?- Duhh..
2.Do you get along with your parent(s)?- Sometimes..
3. Are your parents cool?- They can be..
4. Do you have any Siblings?- An older brother..

Chapter 3: FAVORiTE ?
1. Ice Cream?- CHOCOLATE!!!!
2. Season?- Anything but extreme hot weather!
3. Book?- MANGA! Lol
4. Band?- alice nine.. Do you have to ask? T.T
5. Food?- Anything edible that tastes good..
6.Drink(s)(non alcoholic)?- Dunno.. Don't have one.. It depends!
7. Pen color?- Blue..
8. Store?- none..
9. Person?- I dunno......

Chapter 4: DO YOU ?
1. Write on your hand?- no..
2. Call people back?- ehh.. sometimes..
3. Believe in love? - I dunno.. Never really thought about it..
4. Sleep on a certain side of the bed?- Yup! The corner to my right!

Chapter 5: HAVE YOU?
1. Kissed someone in the pass 48 hours?- nope..
2. If so...where?-
3. Had PHYSICAL therapy- Physical therapy like??
4. Gotten surgery?- Do i look like i have? I'm healthy! xD
5. Taken painkillers?- Menstrual painkillers = YES!
6. Overdosed on pain killers?- Lemme think.. NO!
7. Been stung by a bee?- Yeahh..
8. Threw up in a doctors office?- I'd like to try.. Lol..
9. Do you have a crush on anyone?- Yes.. A secret! ^^

1. Person to text you?- Maxis..
2. Thing you touched?- keyboard..
3. Thing you said?- Ahh.. Okay..
4. Person you hugged?- I guess Anna?
5. Person you talked to on the phone?- Someone looking for my mom..
6. Last book you read?- Love Training..
7. Last time you cleaned your room?- I dunno..
8. Last time you talked to someone you like?- No idea...
9. Last place you went?- Kitchen..
10. Last time get drunk?- Never?

Im tagging..
Bunny a.k.a Harukoism
Pigeon a.k.a Poppo
Nikko a.k.a Kitty..

Not gonna tag you Sy.. coz YP already tagged you! xD

Sunday, April 20, 2008


My dirty little secret~~~

SpongeBob~!! xD~~~~~

Saturday, April 19, 2008


They have rather square heads don't they?


Thursday, April 17, 2008


stupid big eyed guy and that bloody arrogant aunty! 

Vampire Knight..


akaku akaku akaku yurete..
yume no yume no hate e~~~

Can't wait for the next episode~~
Thanks Wawa for introducing it to me~~ ^^

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


My Sweet Idiotic and touching scrapbook~~

Done by :

Anyone wants a piece of the thick lips?
One kiss = 10000 cents..
You do the math.. xD



SY!!! KT!!! CARM!!! JC!!!
Thanks for the Neo genesis!!!
Love you guys a lot!!



SAGA!! <3



Out of topic..

I like his Huh? Whatever look~~ xD

Monday, April 14, 2008

Cake again... T.T

Pictures of me, mom and dad!

*Note : The presents were placed there by my mom.. Not me.. >.<

This is me..
I'm acting cute.. xD

This is dad and I..
I look bigger than him.. T.T

Mommy and I + Mocha.. =P
I seriously have a pair of droopy eyes..

Open wide....

Boasting time!!

My Birthday/Buttday pressies!!^^

From Annaliza a.k.a Pizza!

I read it and i thought it really was a perfumed candle..
But wth..

It turned out to be cotton buds from guardian! xD
Well.. I hope you're using the tissues! ^^

From Kai Lynn..!

It's suppose to be a mouse..
But it looks like a cat.. xD
I love the sweets inside!!

From Cass..!

I don't know what to do with the sheet of papers... but
I know i will eat the sweets! xD

From Carmen!!

I love the googlie eyes! <3
and what coincidence..
Usagi~~~ ^^

The first thing in the card i saw was....
Lol! Carmen! My boobs is actually at a nice size you know!

I know i'm cute.. thanks!! ^^

And guys!!
Thanks for the birthday wishes!!
I received a lot this year and I'm really happy!!!
I'm still waiting for the belated ones.. xD

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Birthday cakes!! ^^

Thanks Ku Cheh!!
I'm really surprise and so so.. grateful!
Dad said that i'm supremely lucky!
He never got to eat you cooking before.. xD

Granny's cake!!
Wahh!! My favourite~
It's special this time.. they have strawberries instead of candles! xD


I'm gonna sum up what i did for the past week.. xD

Had a date with Myra..

So while waiting for her in KLCC, i went to....

Isetan Supermarket to look at the tid bits..
Thinking of what to get Poppo.. but..
I'm too broke to buy anything.. >.< Sorry Poppo!!

To Kinokuniya where i saw...~~

And then i saw...

I so wanted to get this for my B-day!
But man.. I'm poor.. T.T

After that...

I wanted to ge this too..
but even if I had this.. It would be useless to me.. xD

Then on the LRT station, i saw Neko-chan~~ xD

Back home..

I made a bento again.. >.<

Hotaru Odagiri = LOVE!

right.. later i'll post my Birthday present from Myra~!!
She borrowed it.. xD
Thanks Myra!! Love you so much!!


Why are people saying Happy Birthday to me on April the 12th??

First was Kenneth, then Sze Earn..

What's more funny is that Geoffrey wished me Happy belated birthday when my birthday isn't even here yet..


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Tagged by Sook Yee...

I'll just do it~~

Have you ever....
Climbed a tree?: A little.. Couldn't climb up all the way..
Made out with your best friend?: O.O...
Danced in the rain?: Yes.. after school..
Asked someone out?: Err.. no..
Ate something really horrible-looking?: Yes..
Picked your nose and ate it?: Yeahh~~
Fallen in love with someone of the same sex?: Nope..
Streaked?: If i was brave enough..
Watched a meteor shower?: No. I don't wanna see it..
Masturbated infront of other people?: Gehh~~
Fallen in front of a ton of people?: Duhh..
Been in a play?: Backstage yes..
Written a really good story?: Wouldn't consider it a good story...
Been published?: I'm too dump for it..
Ate a bug?: Yes..
Been in love with someone way older than you?: Yeahh..
Kissed someone of the same sex?: Yes..
Been to a protest?: Nope.. not bothered to..
Gotten high with a bunch of friends?: Never tried it before..
Smoked in front of your parents?: I would be dead if i did..
Stolen something from a friend?:
Flirted with a random guy/girl?: Err... i doubt i have the ability to..
Played an instrument in a performance?: No idea to even use one..
Skipped school?: Plenty of times...
Gone "down to the pond" (smoked at school)?: Waste of time..
Fingered someone (and shook her father's hand right after)?: heh?
Made out with someone you hate?: Never did..
Written someone a nasty letter?: I think i did once..
Cried over someone you loved?: Never had a special guy before so... No..
Cried over someone you didn't even know?: I forgot..
Gone swimming in your clothes?: Of course!
Taken a class you knew you'd fail?: Yes.. a lot too..
Eaten gum that someone else had already chewed (a friend)?: Okay~~ this is disgusting..
Been drunk with your parents?: Nope.. but i wanna try!
Danced with a guy/girl you really liked but were afraid to tell them?: Nope..
Run barefoot through the grass at night with your girl/boyfriend?: Wouldn't want to.. I'm afraid of what is hidden in the grass..
Eaten something live?: Fish..
Kissed a frog?: O.O.. No..
Kissed someone who looked like a frog?: Nope..
Been to summer camp?: Nope..
Had a best friend?: Obviously..
Wanted to kill someone?: Millions of times..
Seen a dead person?: Yes..

I tag :

Yean Teng..

Thursday, April 3, 2008


I need help!!

Wtf! I really hate the fact that i don't know Japanese right now..

I need help!!

I need help in using to order stuff!!!!!


Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I lose to temptation easily..
In the end.. i ate the baskin robins..
hopefully nothing happens to me!
Fingers crossed!



Drinker without his alcohol = BORED..



*stares blankly*


What would you feel when you had this right in front of you?
And you can't eat it?
Rum N Raisin~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I WANT!!!!!!
Curse this idiotic tummy of mine!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April the First..

Which is also knowned as April Fool's Day..

I had a very very big April Fool's joke..

By my own body! T.T

I'm having diarrhoea.......... a little feverish................ and menstrual PAIN!

The mixtures are really wonderful! Have a taste!


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