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Saturday, October 31, 2009


It's so big!

He's so big!

It's so nice!




I connected it to my PC.. =D

I know you're proud that you can see yourself Carmen!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


This one!
With cake on face!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blog under construction.



Continue tomorrow.


It's 2.27 AM

and I need to wake up in

4 hours time....!!!!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

How do I answer?

Question 1 :
Why could your mate selection preferences benefit
you/your genes evolutionarily?

Question 2 :
Why could your mate
selection preferences be a negative to you/your genes evolutionarily?

I don't even understand the question...!
How the hell am I supposed to

I'm being so good handing it on time but this happens!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Children Full of Life.

Great documentary.
Never thought I would take the initiative to watch this
because you know.. I'm never interested in these type of things.

I thought I would just watch a little bit but I finished the whole documentary.. It's not very long.. I think only about 40 minutes?
But you don't feel the time passing.

Watch this if you're interested..

To see young kids saying all these things really make us older ones wonder where our sense of humanity went to.

I don't think kids here that age would actually stand up for thier friends like how Yoh did for Yuto.

It's inspiring and touching to watch.

Many thanks to Jimi from Chemical Pictures for recommending this.
Wouldn't have watched this if it wasn't for you posting it.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I'm in love with this song.

I like this kind of song!
I love the bass!

I love this tune!
I love the random changing of tempo!
I love the vocal's voice!
He reminds me of Kei.!

He needs to wear the glasses more!

Though I don't really like the PV..

Just the song...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Shit me.

I did something I shouldn't have done today or ever should do again.

I don't want to talk about it

but a lesson learnt is something to remember always..

Never show faces to anyone.
Not only cases pain,
causes people around you to feel


whatever negative things that will come up.

If you're reading this please don't ask what happened.
I'm just typing out my regrets.

Don't even ask my mom/dad/pico about it.

JUST DON'T and I mean you!

Tuning into : My brain - My thoughts.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Adam and Eve..

It may seem offensive to some people..

But I think it's funny and stupid..
Well, it entertained me for a bit.


Hi! I'm Adam..

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

16th October 2009!

It's tomorrow!

and there's no CLASS!

There's nothing but assignments to do.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Raya in Myra's

Zaffeq, Hafizah, Myra, Mk and me.. =D

All photos were taken from Mei Kheng.
So if you find that they are the same..
that's the reason..

Tuning into : Klaha - Heikiya no Hate

Last Sunday.

Went to Myra's Raya open house.
Seriously, it's so decorative and if you've never been there before and you're going there alone and for the first time... It can be scary.. hahahaha..

Well, only MK and I were there.
Ironing board and Wan Nee didn't appear.

Well anyway, we had a mini photoshooting session at her place.
Haha.. Thanks for the location Myra..! xD

WMK.. This is revenge.




Tuning into : Hora - PREDICT

Kt's leaving...

The only pic I can find of us.. =D

He's leaving for US..
But just for a couple of months..

I'll miss him!

See you soon!

Tuning into : Canzel - Allegro

Random Idiocy in Langkawi..

I'll just let you guess what she's doing...

Whee~~ hugs and chubs!

Seriously, WAN NEE! I didn't take much pictures with you! These two are like the only ones I can find!

No comment.

Supposingly, we were trying to imitate the lion dance but it turned out to be this.
Sigh.. =.=

He's pretending that the camera is not there. That's why it's not very natural.
He's bad at acting.... Not actor material.

Tuning into : Atari Kousuke - Hana

Waterall in Langkawi..

We look like we're drowning..



Tuning into : Chemistry - Saigo no Kawa

BBQuek in Langkawi..

our beautiful wings..
Mine's on the right... I think...
Hahaha.. Whatever..
I already ate it and it should be out by now.. if not I think I'll need help.

The chiken wing dance!

Tuning into : The Checkers - Julia ni Shoshin

Still Langkawi...

Shouldn't the subject be the coconut?

Then why did the person who took the picture cut off the coconut...????????????

Must be Ving.

Tuning into : Orange Range - Champione

We're still in Langkawi...

We went Island hopping. =D

I also love this picture. Feels very natural.

I think the next picture will be fun(ny)?
Hahaha.. Well.. I think it's funny..
So I do hope that you think that it's funny..
But if you don't think it's funny then I can't do anything about it can I? But it'd be nice if you think that it's funny the way I think that it's funny..?

If it makes sense.... =D



no wait...


Finally... Tadah.. =D
Annoyed with the hair flying around.....

Wheee~~ Problem solved!!!

Ignore the chubs.
Can't erase them even if I want to.. hahaha..

Tuning into : Plastic Tree - Zazaburi. Zazanari.

More Langkawi!

P(x) = nCx px(1 – p)n-x
p being successful.
(1-p) being failure.

Applying Binomial Distribution to life. hahahaha... =.="

The successes.

The failure.

Loser. =.="
You're always calling me Loser so now it's my turn!
I'll give you a big fat one.

Tuning into : Chemistry - Christmas Eve

Langkawi again.

We went to the BEACH!!!
This says "We're at the beach!"

No matter how I want to compete with her I'll always lose. My lips are just not thick enough. Sighs. hahahaha....

Mission 1 : Get Wan Nee wet. Successful.

Mission 2 : Get MK wet. Failure. She's just too cow. xD

Seriously, I don't think I'm being me if something like this doesn't happen in the trip. hahaha..
But I do agree that it's a bit obscene... >.<

Tuning into : HYDE - Evergreen


This proves that the person holding the cam is a frequent camwhore-r. hahaha

Unfortunately Wan Nee and Qian aren't in it..
Even so, I love this pic.

Tuning into : Zwei - °° ~infinity~


I'm so lazy that I don't even bother to update this place.

Just don't have anything special to report.
Okay.. Fine,

I'll update about Langkawi. =D
I think the place we had most fun was at the last spot?
Wheee~~ I don't mind going there again. haha

Firstly, as you all know, I DON'T HAVE A CAMERA.
I mean I do, but it's nut-sy almost all the time. =._.=
(Yes, I'm complaining about this again!!)

Whee.. At the airport waiting for whatever reasons I forgot. The 6 of us. (minus the two unknown behind)

No, I can count. There's 5 in the pic and one behind the camera.
YOu have to always remember the one holding the camera!
Otherwise there wouldn't be a picture.


Tuning into : Namie Amuro - WILD

Friday, October 9, 2009

Drama Cds.

I love them.

But, depends on the seiyuus.


Shinichiro Miki forever!!! xDDD

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's confirmed... I guess...?

Next semester,
I'll be taking International Business, Business Leadership and Economics. I hope I can cope with all 3 business subjects.. Can I?

Anyways, why is economics under social science?
What's so social science about economics?

Been very lazy to go for MDM class these few days.
Maybe because I finished my ISU presentation already.
hahaha.. But.. I STILL WENT okay..!
I just said I was lazy.

On another note,
I remembered someone saying this...
"People think that people who drive modified cars are poor but eventhough I'm driving a modified car, I'm rich."

If someone said this, you'd feel like...
WTF right?
I never knew such people exist.
They brag about how rich they are?
Becareful when you're out.

Tuning into : IVAN - Darker Pink

Monday, October 5, 2009


You can not fully like someone but you surely can fully hate someone.

I hate someone.

"IT" annoys me.
Because "IT" is always bragging.

"IT" thinks that everyone is interested about "ITs'" life.
I can't wait for someone to shove and apple/sock/dick into "ITs'" mouth to shut it up. I won't be that person because I'm the very very good girl that everyone sets their eyes upon.

I'm an angel when I'm not talking.

Oh, wait. the dick thing..
is usually shoved in.
Coz "IT" TALKS BIG ABOUT "IT's" sex life too.

It is quite obvious that I do not like this "IT" one bit.
Because, when I do not like someone.
I ignore.

I'm not interested in your bragging.
Neither am I interested in your life.
Please do not brag near me or to me.
I'm not fascinated by it.
Please keep it to yourself or do it in front of poeple who are amazed by it.

nothing to do with "IT".
Just the song. hahahaha

Tuning into : the GazettE - FILTH IN THE BEAUTY


I've been studying about that in Individuals class.
Doesn't seem interesting when they're doing research and case studies about it

but when it comes to


It's different.

I've got so much things to talk about Yaoi but none to talk about homosexuality in class. Well, basically people in college don't know that I read yaoi and like it.

They don't need to know not because I want to hide it but... it's because I don't feel the need to waste my breathe and saliva to explain why I like it. and... they won't understand base on how they react to the homosexuality topic.

I LIKE YAOI stories.
I find them fascinating and it gives me the "MOE" feeling.
You cannot describe "MOE". You just feel it.

So don't ask me what that is.

Oh, also, the documentary showed that homosexuality is a NATURE thing and NOT a NURTURE thing. They even showed animal homosexuality. Shocking. I know.


They're homosexuals!


just sexually deprived..?


Tuning into : Namie Amuro - WANT ME, WANT ME

My opinion.

I think

the rate of people being blind in Malaysia

is getting higher.

Coz..... they turn on so many lights when they drive!
Highlight, spotlight.

What else?
Stupid people. T__T

They themselves are blind and they want others to go blind as well.

One more thing,
this morning some idiotic van driver(male - applying some criticism here. xD)with the license plate number od HSW(i think)4661 can go pray for whatever protective spirit to keep the other cars around him safe... coz... he's one asshole seeking for trouble.

once again,
inconsiderate assholes.

Tuning into : KAT-TUN - Kimi Michi

Thursday, October 1, 2009

random grumble.

I've seen my brother.........

3 times only this week.

On Monday for only about 10 minutes,
This morning for less that 30 seconds,
Just now for only about........ 30 seconds again?

Even if he's here.
Feels like he's back in Luxembourg already.

I don't care.
You still owe me 300 Euro.
I've got witnesses!

Tuning into : Atari Kousuke - Natsu Yuzora
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