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Thursday, July 31, 2008


Lol.. Kidding..

It's the effect of not pooing for 2 days...

Stupid pig!

The magazine.......

Two pages of alice nine.....
And something funny...
I think someone posted it somewhere before...

Enlarged and Separated....


100% not photoshopped..

The inside.....

Two posters...
A flyer..
A drawing of the person in the flyer..
A magazine...
and letters!!!!!! xD

From Germany~~~

Thank Poppo~~~

I received it yesterday.. =D

A letter from Germany takes a week to arrive...

Not bad...........


The things which are useless to do when your internet conncetion is dreadfully slow..

a) Downloading
b) Uploading
c) Browsing the internet
d) Signing into MSN
e) Checking your mail
f) Calling 1-300-88-9515

Thank you~~

Monday, July 28, 2008


This is adorable~~!

This is sexier than Angelina Jolie!


Saga!!! Saga!!! Saga!!! Saga!!! Saga!!!

He can look so cute and so hot at the same time!!!
And he just loves to pose with his finger/hand!!!

I love him even more now~
I love you more than yesterday! >.<

Saturday, July 26, 2008


They seriously stopped selling yaoi mangas in Kinokuniya...



And borders is under construction..
Is borders still selling them or not?



Cheese croquette = Cheesy..

Ebi omotai age = Prawny..


Friday, July 25, 2008


It's back...
The invasion is back.. >.>"

My mom's busy with the cleaning of the termites......
She's stressed out and naggy which eventually stresses me out.. [-o-"]

Guess we'll have to wait for the pest control guys to come again......

Dear termites,
You can eat anything in this house except my mocha and manga!


Double ewwwwww~!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I had my first....

alice nine. DREAM!!!!!! >.<

A very long post.

So nice~~~!!!!! Here goes.. Ready?

One day after school I was in my Grandpa's house(don't know why)..
Was walking around the house eating durian ice cream..

A van stopped in front of the house.. Then i saw manager-san coming out. After him followed, Shou, Hiroto, Tora, Saga and Nao. (Btw, they were wearing the MIRROR BALL outfits..) They came into the house and when Saga walked passed me.. He grabbed my hand and took a bite from my ice cream! *shock* O.O..

They all went into the kitchen to greet grandpa and was all cheery and giggly.. xD They stayed for dinner. While dinner was processing.. Saga and Tora was smoking at the front porch. I buck up my courage and asked Saga for an autograph.. The only book i had at the moment was my red whatever writing book.. the one i always scribble on and with his picture in both sides of the cover.. =P

He signed it and then I was frantically shouting for camera like those pasar malam people selling stuff! "Who got camera? CAMERA!!! HELLO!?" Alvin Lee(dont' know why he was there.. [-o-"]) passed me his camera. After taking it, he held the camera and posed.. So i did the same. After taking the first shot, he wasn't contented. He took more with me! (being a Saga fan, this is like a FANTASY!) I was thinking CAMWHORING WITH SAGA!! OMG!!

After eating dinner, we started taking photos again.. This time with his handphone. He stuck his tongue out and wink an eye and waited for me to pose.. I did the same..

Then after that i forgot what happened.. But i remembered taking some pictures with Tora with my own phone.. He kept on smiling when taking the pictures.. =D

After that they were rushing to go somewhere.. Then i panicked! I wanted the pictures i took with Saga with his phone. I took out my book again and asked him for his e-mail..

The funny thing is that i can still remember the e-mail address until now..


Don't ask me why it's like that.. But it's like that.. >.>"

After they left, i went home and printed the pictures i had with Tora and put it in my file and called Alvin. He didn't pick up. I panicked and then i forgot what happened again...

Next day went to school, looked for Alvin in moral class but he wasn't there.. Then Pei Jinn asked "Do you want the pictures?" then again, i forgot what happened...

After that, my brother called my phone and then i woke up.. No more dream~~ T..T

All in all.. there are lots of parts where i forgot but the main important part is that I CAMWHORED WITH SAGA!!!!! <3333

It's so satisfying to have finally one alice nine. dream! Can't wait to have the next one!

P.S.: I don't know what happened to Shou, Hiroto and Nao in the dream.. Left them out.. >.<

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Mocha says : I can't see!

Mocha looks in to the mirror : I have beautiful eyes! I used blue eyeliner!

Mocha looks at Ali : Stupid ass, take it off la!



[-o-"] Lame.....


Everyboday say "GHEI"!

Chuuu~~~ <3 *ignore*

Totally failed cosplaying Chiba.. >.>"

Nani kore?

I see London,

I see France,

I saw two jakun in Central Market.........

Dear Jakun 01,
We can forget about sending it to them... apparently they have it in Japan.. >.>"

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I need a new speaker!

I want a new speaker!

I crave for a new speaker!

I beg for a new speaker!

I'm sick of using the earplugs!!

Makes my ear itchy and causing me trouble.......

bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla.......


Why why why why why why why why why?

Nande nande nande nande nande nande nande?

Doushite doushite doushite doushite doushite doushite?

Mengapa mengapa mengapa mengapa mengapa mengapa?

owh streamyx... you suck!

I can't even sign in msn!! wtf

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Three Neo genesis and still counting!
It's my third copy and also the 3rd Anniversary Special Issue.. ^^
What coincidence.. xD
P.S.: Hope you liked your present!

Sue me.. >.>"

So this is the typical lala socks..
Okay.. it might not be super super lala..
But.. it's just to be compared with this.. xD

Is this also considered lala? =P
Maybe not...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Omg 2~~

Total destruction.............. >.>"
Poor poor pencil box...


Gan............ >.<
You're scaring me... haha


You're really feeling it aren't you?


It's her last day today..

Pn. Juliana~!!!
I'm gonna really miss you!
I know we can be really annoying and hard to control..
Thanks for guiding all of us and being patient with us..

The care we made for her..

The whole (missing a few) class..

The girls..

The guys..

The apology.. >.<


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

If anyone asks me..

What i want to be the next time.. I'm gonna answer them with a simple answer!

Yeahh! That sounds nice.. xD
I want to be those that don't need to see the price tag to buy something! Just fling the money i have in my pocket! Wahh.. That would be nice..!

I hope in this lifetime I'd be able to do that.. but i'd doubt it seeing the way things are right now.. Lol.. It's nice isn't it?

There's so much to do with the billions, okay not so greedy, millions of ringgit(dollar/pound/euro also can)! I can buy this, i can buy that.. Then i can go here and i can go there..

Do all the things i want! haha.. keep dreaming...!

I want money! I want lots and lots and lots of money! >.<

Ahh~~ I'm craving for good story books right now! Syd...! I want the book you were reading! xD

Does anyone notice that i keep saying nice? =D

Monday, July 7, 2008

I'm boiling....!

Telephone line got........ separated into two?

Thanks to a certain white fellow.. who had an itch in the mouth...
Culprit running away..... T.T

Luckily.. I have a few moves up my sleeves..
If not.. I couldn't even go online tonight...

Sunday, July 6, 2008


I've got new sheets again..
Seriously.... My mom just loves to get me these kiddy sheets (not that i don't like)...
But she didn't have to sit on the bed and read the names of the animals... [-o-"]
She was like... Owhh..
This is Benny the bear.. Leon the Lion.. Eric the elephant and Timmy the tiger... Plus.. she had to point at the animals when she read the names out loudly to me.. xD
Sometimes i still feel that she has the vision in her mind of me still being a 5 year old.. haha..
Mahh.. to her i think i'm forever a kid.. xD
P.S.: Say hi to Patrick!
P.S.S.: I seriously don't know why the spacings are all messed up.. RAWR~!

I'm shocked!

Went to Kinokuniya today...
I saw the book that i've been waiting to get my hands on...
I waited about half a year for this book to be published...

And can you believe it..
I got something else...
What's more...
It's not a manga...
It's a real novel with more than I don't know.. 500,000 words???
(if you knew me.. you'd know i love mangas) =D

The book i waited for eternity..

The book that got me hooked, line and sinker...

Saturday, July 5, 2008

FInally... Part 5

Okay.. last picture till i get anymore nicer ones.. xD
Over posting.. >.>"
Kai l Lynn!!!
My mom say you look like teddy bear!!!

FInally... Part 4

Picture 4.0

The picture 4.0 shows 3 homo sapiens..

Two female and A male..

The picture 4.0 shows how to make the male homo sapien smile..

Thank you..

Have a nice day!


FInally... Part 3

Don't play a fool!

Barbeque is a serious business!

uuuuhhh.. I see someone's ass.. xD

But who is that? >.<

FInally... Part 2

I look good (ignore my scarred leg!) here right!
My mom thought Oscar was a fake.. xD
She was shocked when i told her it was real..

FInally... Part 1

Finally got a few pics from Kt's party.. ^^
I really like this picture..
The mirror effect is nice! lol..
It's nice to take pictures with poeple!
The more the merrier..


You know who you are..
Hope you like the card..!
Please be patient with part two of your present.. okay?!
It will come!
Enjoy the day cause it's yours!

Friday, July 4, 2008


I just finished episode 13 and NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
That's just too mean!!
What's gonna happen to Miharu next?
Is Yoite gonna survive?


[ * o * ]

Thursday, July 3, 2008


I was tagged by idiot.. but i din't know.. ahaha

Rules of the game:
- list your top five favorite musical artists.
- list your top five favorite songs from each artist.
-tag five people to do the same.

1. alice nine.
- Kuron -Nine heads rodeo show-
- cosmic world

- 690min
- raw
- den lille havfrue
- sink
- float

- Bokura no machi de
- Blue Tuesday
- Real Face
- Precious One

4. L'Arc~en~Ciel
- Hurry X'mas
- Jojoushi
- Killing me

5. LM.C
- 88
- Yellow Beauty
- little Fat Man boy

anyone who reads my blog..
i have no idea who to tag.... >.>"


"Shou's golden pants in ALPHA has been bleached to become Nao's silver pants in RAINBOWS."

I read in someone's(sorry i forgot who you are >.<) blog and I laughed like mad..

(i don't have a good picture of his pants/i don't have any scans)

Lol.. xD


I totally take back what I said about RAINBOWS this morning..
I'm so so sorry for judging you based on the screencaps... >.<
I've learnt my lesson now....

I want to be his guitar! Who doesn't? >.>"

I just love this pose....

Saga's short head-banging part is LOVED!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I seriously don't like the bun on Aoi's head... >.<
No offence to Ayabie and Aoi fans...

I just really really don't like it..

It kinda reminds me of Goldilocks and the three bears..
Aoilocks.. [- o - "]

What's new? 02

Look.. It's the new guy...

He's so MINI!!! ahahha..

He's like the size of Mocha's ass..(or maybe even smaller) LOL...

Don't be mistaken.. he's not mine.. (eventhough i kinda want him) xD

It's Pui Yee's!!! Hope you and YJ likes him.. TREAT HIM WELL okay!!!!

What's new? 01


I have VOLUME 6!!!

Ahh... So nice..

I like the Terrorist couple but i still prefer the Romantica couple.. xD Misaki and Usagi-san are so so cute... Haha.. I wonder what will happen when Isaka-san starts to butt in.. Misaki!! Ganbatte ne!!! haha.. Also not forgetting Hiro-san and Nowaki.. Hiro-san's innocence is LOVED!! haha..

OH NO!! Another 4 more months till volume 7 is release... so long... >.<

And btw.. Thanks aarinfantasy for subbing Junjou Romantica.. Couldn't have enjoyed it without you guys! <3
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