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Yeah.. That's the way we do it~

Monday, May 26, 2008

So sad..

When oh when whil i get back my internet connection?

Thanks for the pic sy.. I'm not So bored anymore! Haha

Thursday, May 15, 2008

One more thing..

I just found out about alice nine.'s new single but i'm not too hype about it.. haha.. maybe after the thingy that just happened...

So... Sook Yee..........


17th May 2008

My grandma just passed away this morning...
I don't really know what to do..
I'm grown up now.. so it's easier to understand the situation..
But i'm thinking about my younger cousins who still don't know..
Now.. I'm worried about my grandpa..
He lost his best friend a few months back and then now he lost his dearest..
Ahh...! I don't know anymore!
I just wish that my grandma is in peace and in happiness even after leaving..
There's been a black parade...................... T.T

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Fizzy and watermelonish = nice..
I love sweets...
And i think i'm coming up with a disease...
I have a problem choosing things!
HELP! >.<


He doesn't look grumpy here...
But he's having his PMS right now.. LoL
He's pissed... xD

Happy Mama's Day..

I killed two birds with one stone!
a) I got the thing she wanted..
b) I got the thing I wanted her to make for me!
Yay!! Happy Mama's Day...
Love you!!
P.S.: It's a day earlier but whatever.. hahaha

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Haven't updated Since last tuesday? 

Exam week.. Not that i care but.. I am only afraid of the report card day.. What will i do when She see's my marks? 

Sheesh.. Annoying much? 

And Omg.. i've watched gv's! And i'm not bothered by it!

P.S.: my phone is useful for blogging too!^^
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