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Yeah.. That's the way we do it~

Friday, January 29, 2010

Gone bonkers and Popping pimples.

Today I learned the meaning of

boker and pipis.

And I can't stop using it to annoy you guys!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Top, Middle or Low? Nothing naughty okay!

Pico : I need to look at that beauty staring back at me~~~~ Damn it! Look over here~~ Me! me! me! me!


Been a while since i updated this place..

Not that i don't want to but there just isn't anything special to update since i started college. D=

Meh, forget that.

I read someone's blog recently and sometimes when they talk about how lovey dovey they are in their relationship... it kinda makes my goose bumps appear/grow.. It's just so ironic because they really make it sound like some manga or love story or something...... I can't help but to think that they are sing their imagination to make things spicy so that it would somehow work??

No offence, but i really can't see that really happening in reality.

In my reality that is..

Okay, maybe in some cases but not... ALL?

Maybe I have no experience or whatever but... even if I do, I don't think i would post everything in my blog and tell the whole world... I'd keep it to myself and let it be our own secret or memory or whatever you want to call it... =.=

These are just my thoughts okay.
Never had any intention of offending or hurting anyone.

P.s.: I hate those post where they :

Example a)

Today me and dear went out. hehe. then when i go toilet he help me hold my bag. Then i have to wait so long in line to go toilet but dear just wait for me and hold my bag. Dear, i love you! muacks.........


Seriously, they do post like that. I know you've read some before..!

Example b)


Can't think of one at the moment.... HAHAHHAHA!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

In a dilemma!

Three months?

Two months?

or just one?

Arghhh!!! I can't decide!
This is like the opportunity cost concept!

If i go for only a month then.....

I don't know!

Okay, let's put that thought on hold till it's really time to decide.

Ever wonder why I haven't been posting since...
I started college?

Awww... sucks for you then.

LoL.. Kiddin'


Currently listening to : SINCREA - Hikari

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Alice Nine but I still type alice nine.

I like the effect.


Thanks wawa for the wallpaper!

P.S.: I'm becoming very stingy these days.

Dolphin & Hippo talk...

Met up with the Langkawi girls last week..

Notice i'm the only one without the peace sigh?

Had a great time but everyone was an hour late.....!
When i got out of the car.. I got a message saying that they would be late..

Boy am I glad i brought Carmen a long..

But had a great time doing what girls do.


Which girl in this world would not bitch about others?

maybe those goody two shoes..

sorry sorry sorry sorry..
i ain't no shawty shawty shawty shawty goody good girl.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

NICE Keyword!


Maybe i should come up with more weird posts to attract more readers?



Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Double Asshole

I just can't help to feel that some people are really born with two assholes in their life. =.=

One is in their body..
duhh.. Obviously

and another in their personality.

They love their asshole so much that they grow into one and show everyone what an asshole can be like or look like.

I don't even know where to start...
They need to start searching.

Search for a better way to show themselves instead of showing me their hairball asshole! =.=

wax it then you know!
The one in the body and in the personality!



I think their asses have moles and it's harder for them to release their outcomes so they need to release them in another way..

double assholes with moles...
There you have it!

I is berry berry EVIL...
Na nana nana~~

Saturday, January 9, 2010


I'm at the peak of my anger right now.

She threw away my soft toys without telling me.


I know it's a small matter but....!


Always throwing my things!
Always shifting the places where I put my things!

One of the pikachu that she THREW was a gift from someone and I really liked it! So when it's thrown you'd obviously be pissed like how I am.

Yeah, if i cry or throw a tantrum in front of her
I'd be screw to the bones and be nagged for years to come.


I feel like shit right now.

She never even said sorry.
Put all the blame on me. =.=


Friday, January 8, 2010

Just trying something out.

Hi my name is Alison Loke.
I'm babi 19 in April this year.

I'm studying in Taylor's University College.
I love CPU.

I love my friends


click! Click! Click!

Today marks the day of ACT ONE towards 2012.

Currently listening to : 9GOATS BLACK OUT - 690min

Pillow freak.

When people ask me why i'm not sleeping at a late hour, i answer them "because my dog is sleeping in the centre of the bed and he stole my pillow"

I don't want to wake him up..
seeing he's being an angel and all.

But when he's awake he's no ANGEL.


my bed and pillow thief.


Ehh this has nothing to do with stealing.
nyah nyah nyah~~

My brother often said to taunt me that when you go poo or pee a green hand will come up and grap you.. I forgot what he called it.. T___T

*sudden memory lost*

I got so freaked out that whenever I go to the toilet I make it quick. Thats why until now I still do things pretty fast in the cubicle.

So if you're wondering why I finish so fast in the toilet it's because of the HAND that comes out.

Great training..
Maybe I should brainwash some other kid as revenge?

Phobia of the day : Bogyphobia- Fear of bogeys or the bogeyman (HAHAHA)

Currently listening to : girugamesh - ALIVE

Me is happy!

I love google. Google is one of my best friends online!
Okay, back to why I'm happy.

Berry Berry Happy that is. =D

The comp's fixed.
Lappie is fixed! (other than the batter pack thing. hahha. But i'll live.)


Ohh ohh~~

2 people complimented on my blog in the same week~~
This makes me UBER uber happy~
Glad that this place makes you laugh and enjoy..
Thanks Sharvin and patrickC....

One more!
One MOAR~~

The $$$ in my nuffnang account has been growing!
Which has never happened in the past 2 years? hahaha!
Thanks to whoever who clicked on me adds..

Everyone loves money~
I do and I know you do to...!

Currently listening to : girugamesh - Gokusou

Thursday, January 7, 2010

10 days.

It's been ten days since my computer crashed.

Yup, and still counting.

I'm glad that I'm dependant on fanfictions and manga.
Coz, well.. you don't need sound for those...


Did you hear about the Morgans?

Did you hear about the Morgans?
I didn't.

Didn't really feel the show either.

Watched this in Pavi yesterday with Carmen.
We couldn't decide between Bodyguard and Assasins or Cirque du Freak or Princess and the Frog.

So, we opt for the safest one. Did you hear about the Morgans?

Didn't quite enjoy the movie because of the 6 FREAKINGLY ANNOYING FEMALES BEHIND!

they kick chairs.

they cannot stop AWWWW.. AWWW and AWWWWW-ing!


let the guy do what he wants!
If he hasn't had the guts to kiss her yet..

*spoiler end*

Back to the movie..

The show wasn't really funny and neither was it romantic.
I was actually waiting for drama to happen but NONE.

The scenes were just not telling me to enjoy it.

I think the 6 FEMALES were over exagerating with the AWW-ings.
Seriously, even my yaoi manga makes me AWWW more than this movie.
I don't feel the climax, i don't feel the suspense, the "BAAM" is sort of DEFINITELY missing.

Right, we bumbed into Yong Pheng and Margaret.
I really like her... I-don't-know-what-you-call-it she's wearing.
It's sort of like a winter vest... but i don't think the weather in Malaysia allows us to wear a winter vest so i don't think it is???

OHH!! OHH!!!

Carmen and I witness balls bulding.
From some tourist in PAVILLION!?!?

It's so obvious that you cannot keep your eyes away!
You can even see the shape of that thing!
Plus, i think it's kinda big...
IMAGINE IF IT'S @#$%^&!!!


I think this should be as long as i go..
I don't do LONG posts.

Phobia of the day : Phallophobia- Fear of a penis

Saturday, January 2, 2010


It's a new year and it feels...
just the same like any other day..


I didn't really wish anyone happy new year.
I kinda felt like.. it's just one day away.
and one minute away. and one second away.

Doesn't make sense.
I know.
But I don't make sense all the time do I?

this years resolution is to..

Just live with everyone happily.
Challenges come and I can overcome them nicely.
Single handedly would be the best.
Ahhh! It doesn't mean that I wouldn't want any help.


Good comes and goes.
Bad comes and goes.

So it'd be nice to have a mixture of both.
No meaning to a perfect life.

I'm also THINKING of not fixing my comp.

Coz :

a) Save money.
b) this one i'm using works. Only doesn't have sound.
c) like what the "all talk dude" said "Beggers can't be choosers".

Yeahh, to me you're an "all talk dude".
Just like me.
We're from the same blood.
Can't help it.

Just blame the genes.
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