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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


My symptoms :

- blood pressure = 140/80
- temperature = 38.1 degrees celcius
- hypertension
- sore throat
- fever.. *duh*
- headache
- lips as pink as a something pink...
- lips feel like someone injected blood into them..

I do not have H1N1..!
Just the normal flu.

P.S.: I walk like a zombie now..

gero geeeero!

Bachan Keron!

It's a nice story!
I've been wanting to watch this for a long time now and I finally did it. Haha.. In the web during my lunch break.. LOL

Time for class..! Bye...!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


someone googled MR. G and came to my blog..!

Lol.. kinda funny!


TIME : 10.52 PM

Yup.. I'm still not done.

Literature = Torture
Torture = mental abuse

Literature = mental abuse?



TIME : 9.34 PM

I'm still here.
Thinking of what and how to critic the short story.




TIME : 9.06 PM

Okay.. it's working a little bit.

I've decided to go with feminism now.

Thats a start!


TIME : 8.42 PM


Insufficient BRAIN JUICE available.

Anyone with extra literature brain juice to spare..?


Dad and Dog.

My dog is afraid of the dustbin and cigarette.



Beware of loud knock.


How do I explain something without telling you the meaning of the word and how am I suppose to know how to tell you something that you already unconsciously know??

WTF is with structuralism!
And i'm suppose to present something I don't know how to present tomorrow..!

After that, I have to write a 750 - 1000 word essay on something I don't know how/what to write!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

something funny...!

Yes, it's about the bus again.
I know you're bored but just stick with me.

On my way home yesterday,
The was a pair of tourist, they were about to leave the bus.
They pressed on the stop button so many times but the bus still didn't stop and mind you it was a station that the bus would stop at.

Then when the bus finally stopped and opened the door,
the couple got so pissed that the lady shouted "FUCK YOU" before leaving..!


Cuti-Cuti Malaysia wei!

That's all..!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Inspired by the book Peter and Jane.

I'm bored.

You are bored.

We are both bored.

I am in the Web.

Where everyone uses the computer to do things.

Games are prohibited here and your account will be banned if you're caught.

I see some one playing pet society.

He is bored.

That is why he is playing.

He is going to get banned soon.

Then, he will become bored once more.


Tuning into : the GazettE - WITHOUT A TRACE


Listening to music and analysing the lyrics was homework for yesterday's ENG4U class.. And the song was Nirvana's Come as you are.

Wow, that's a first. Never tried that before.

And... and...!
Today's homework is to pick out a song which you are familiar with and then tear the sentences to to pieces and then analyse the inner meaning in it!


But shit!
I have a problem..
I don't really listen to ENGLISH SONGS!

Some old songs perhaps?

Maybe I'll just use a Fact of Life?
HAHAHA... I think if I sent MR.G a copy of that song he'll be like.. I can't really hear what he's trying to say...

Thankfully MR.G likes travellng..
So, welcome to the world of Japanese Music!

Ohh.. I'm in the web now!
Listening to songs on youtube!
Thank you for headphones!!!!

So many thank yous today..
Maybe today is Gratful day where you show gratitude?

Blah.. Crapping again!...

Long and Full of bullshit post!!!
Let's end it with the typical teenage excuse!

"I'm bored...!"

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


They are just damn shitty..

I emailed them this on the 9th July 2009

Hi there,

Just wanted to confrim if the RapidKL bus U76 will pass by KL Sentral from the Subang Area? I've browsed through your web but they did not say anything about stopping by at KL Sentral but some of the people at local forums say they do. So if they do would you please update the bus routes so that people like me do not have a hard/stressful time going home..!

And then they replied this on 12th July 2009

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for writing to us. We wih to inform that U76 does not pass by KL Sentral. Please visit our website for the detail bus routes.

Thank you.

CRM Team
CRM & Call Center Dept
Communications Division
Syarikat Pengangkutan Integrasi Deras Sdn Bhd
Tel: 03-7625 6999 Helpline
Tel: 03-7650 7788 General line
Fax:03- 7625 6667

I used U76 to get to KL Sentral today.

And then when I went to check their official site today, they changed it.. Maybe they did a big update today or yesterday..? Which was supposed to be done like LAST YEAR.....?????

They finally changed it because they have countless of people complaining? Or their boss started checking the websites? And then they can lick/kiss their boss's ass and prove that they did a good job?

It's just damn shitty.
Even the management don't know where their bus routes are heading.
How can they even manage the company then? =.=

Oh yeah,
And their bus conductors suck!
Just to be sure that I don't end up elsewhere again,
I POLITELY asked that freako bus conductor if the bus will go to KL Sentral.
Then he answered me with a harsh tone and was like brushing me off.. I'm not sensitive.. It's just harsh!

Ohhh!!! Plus,
you know the box where we slot in our money to get out tickets?
I was about to slot the money in and then he was like..

He wanted me to pass him the money and not put in the box.
I'm not the only one.. I many who entered passing the money to him instead of slotting it in the box..

They want to make extra cash?
So they're keeping it instead?

I know this is long and boring.. But..
I just needed to get this out.. I'm seriously pissed off by the RapidKL busses.

Monday, July 13, 2009


The journey back home via public tranportation takes 2 BLOODY LONG HOURS!

This is just too long!!!

Don't ask me why I'm not drving to college!!
Coz I'm explaining here!

a) I'm not familiar with the way home!
b) It's hard to find parking!
c) Parking is exepensive!
d) I don't know what excuses are left. Maybe my dog ate my car keys?


Friday, July 10, 2009


I cannot open BB7!!!

How to do assignment!

Alison is worried about her assignment for once!

Welcome to Klang!

Today some Taylor's ICPU student was waiting for the bus. She waited there for like 45 minutes but no bus came. After a while longer, two busses came but they weren't going to KL Central but one of them goes to Sunway Pyramid. So she was like I can go home from there anyways. She hopped on the bus and ended up in klang! And that girls was called ALISON LOKE JI-AN!

I've never been to Klang before. So I was the Tourist of the Day!
Yeah! I followed Saga on to the bus to Klang! Thats why I went there!

Lol, seriously.
This is the funniest thing that happened to me since Monday.

Class ended as usual today and I was at the bus stop waiting for the FUCKING bus as usual for like 45 minutes. Under the hot sun and sweaty condition, i craved for the bus so then when i saw the bus coming which said "sunway pyramid" so i thought it's my destination anyway. So i hopped on.

We passed Subang Parade and it took a U-turn. I thought it would go straight but it turned left. Then I was like, OH SHIT! WRONG BUS!

I saw a sign board that says Klang and Shah Alam ahead. So I jokingly texted my dad saying "Would you save me if my bus suddenly goes to klang? haha..". A few minutes after that, he called. Hahahahaha!

Also messaged VL and Bitch when I was on the bus. And they laughed at me. What kind of friends are you? Hmph..! Haha, only kidding!
Ate Ice Cream while waiting for my dad to come to my rescue!
And also got treats from his boss's wife. =D

Excuse the UGLY/UNCLEAR photos. I have no camera!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


I'm lazy to type all that happened since the first day of school so... We'll just use less brn juice in this case.. hahaha

Day 1 : Miserable. lol

Day 2 : Kinda Miserable..

Day 3 : Better than miserable..

Day 4 : Not very miserable..


Just to summarize things.. Lol

Saturday, July 4, 2009


I have so many relatives calling me today just because my parents aren't here for the weekend.. Asking me if I've eaten lunch? Wanna Join them for dinner? Where am I?

I bet they'll be calling me again tomorrow!

Err.. I sort of feel that it's not needed coz...

When they(my parents) go to work most of the time, I'll be at home ALONE.And sometimes when they come back for about 2 hours or less then they'll go for their meetings then I'll be ALONE again.. And.. No one calls.

Plus, I won't die of hunger. I've been by myself at home since when I was 9 and I've learned to cook and make my own meals okay! Eventhough i complain sometimes but no one bothers or come to my rescue then.

I dont really know how to explain it properly but I think somehow some people might understand.

This just proves that their too OVERPROTECTIVE and they don't trust me in a way. Sigh, If I wanted to do bad things I would have done it while you guys were at work la.. Why wait till now?

I know you mean well but..
Seriously, It's overdoing it.
Pushy people!

What can I do?
Just prepare myself for my parents being my rommie soon!

P.S.: Carmen, dont be too sad about it. I know how it feels but we still need to move on! She went to some where peaceful and is resting. Feel better okay?

Friday, July 3, 2009

Aiba is stupid?

I cant help but laugh when he falls in!

I've watched it so many times already but i still think it's funny! Aiba... "Very Very Cuticle"

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Someone's best friend came to visit or either it's gone forever..!
I'm being barbequed alive.......!
Save me?


..... tora?!

Wawa.. When you say it like this I CANNOT help but laugh!!

It's just so funny!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I'll be getting my secondhand phone in September!

Congrats to Euro-man!
You made it!
When many others didn't!

Okay.. got nothing else to say.. =.=
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