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Thursday, October 25, 2007


Note* Kinda long post.. don't read if you don't like..

Argh.. you know what' i'm feeling right now?
Yeah.. pissed off.. of what??
My mom.. thank you..

I don't know where to start..
I guess it all started due to me wanting to get my TSUBASA. CD's from Sook Yee..

Anyone knows how important these are to me?
Yeah.. Dead IMPORTANT...

The conversation went like this..

Last night..

Me : Mom, can i go to Sook Yee's house tomorrow?
Mom : No, you either go to school or stay home.

Then, i didn't ask of anything already..


Me : Mom, can i go watch a movie(planned to go to her house) with Sook Yee?
Mom : Go out? Now you always run like a wild cat. Always going out. Can't you stay at home?
Me : Just watch a movie then I'll come back.. So can I or not?
Mom : I don't even know i should let you go or not..
Me : I just want to take something only..
Mom : Take what?
Mom : It's not very IMPORTANT right? So you can take it another day..
Me : ...(speechless)
Mom : Just stay at home la..
Me : Nevermind..
Mom : What?

I practically shouted cause of being too angry and pissed of that she said that my TSUBASA. CD's were not important and saying that i always go out. If it was my brother.. It's like he wants to go anywhere he can go. It's not only after coming back from Lux.. but before.. he runs more than i do and she never says anything about it. Sometimes comparing me and my bro is really...

I know i'm being selfish here.. but who's not selfish?

ARGH.. I'm so damn damn damn damn pissed off..

Long post..

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I caught her doing this today and it's actually really cute..
She's brushing her teeth!! and yeah.. she turned in to Marutchi..

Toran.. you big fat cheater!!! hmph..

TSUBASA. in One more DAY..

Happy Birthday MoM!

Me, Mom And Euro-Man! plus the birthday cake..

MoM and DaD!

You're getting older but looking younger by the year!!
LoL.. >.<

Monday, October 22, 2007


When is this gonna be released??

Argh!! They said it's gonna come out when it's October and it's already October!!! I want it!! Huhu.. >.<

Okay.. some of you may not know it but i'm sort of a die hard or hardcore YAOI fan.. If you don't know what's that.. den GOOGLE it.. LoL

Don't ask me why i like it.. I just like it.. i can't help it.. Some may think it's disgusting and you might not want to be my friend anymore.. but WHO CARES! I like what i like and i can't help it!




Sunday, October 21, 2007


She evolved to ringochi! Haha.. I'm so proud!


Sagan's one and only friend.. Toran..

Sagan : Hi, nice to meet you!
Toran : Nice to meet you too! When you grow up.. You'll bear my kid!
Sagan : Noooo~!!!
Toran : Muahahahahahaha...!!

LoL.. Excuse the stupidness.. I'm very sleepy.. haha..

Good night!

Saturday, October 20, 2007


If i didn't tell you who i went to watch the movie with..
I think you guys know already.. LoL

Yes, people.. I went out with Sook Yee..
Sook Yee, thanks for saying that going out with me never gets boring..

After getting my Tamagotchi..
We both didn't want to go home so early..
So, we sat down at the newly opened Gasoline in BJ Times Square..

We both ordered drinks and sat there for about an hour or two..
Guess what were we doing? If you guessed this right.. I'll give you twenty cents!


Name : Sagan
Sex : Female
Type : ???

Mine's white and Sook Yee's one's pink.. haha..
Sagan's currently sleeping..
I wonder if she'll grow up to be as sexy as Saga?? [> . <]


If you're wondering why i have the same picture with Sook Yee..
It's cause she took it from me.. Bwahahaa..

This was the first time I've seen such a crowded cinema..
It's actually kinda spooky when there's only two people in that whole EMPTY room..

Lights, Camera and Action.. It's show time~!

The Seeker: The Dark is Rising.

Not a bad movie, I'd say..
But some parts are predictable.. haha

Whatever it is.. Just watch it.. Quite worth it.. I think.. [^ w ^]

What's that?

Anyone knows what's this?

If you guess it right, I'll give you a dollar..

Owhh yeahh, Sook Yee, you can't participate cause you already know what this is.. Cause i told you.. haha [> . <]

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Miss me?


This is Fatty.. His name's supposed to be Mocha.. but everyone is used to calling him Fatty.. haha.. This face shows how relaxed he is.. stupid fella... so cute!!!!!!!!!!! hehe..

Another stolen item for me.. =)

Pyramid a'la Sushi.. haha.. the way to dry sushi caps after washing..

You know.. the bone is actually really soft.. you can swallow it..
this is the first time i see a customer leaving this behind..
previously.. there was this customer who did a skin operation on the unagi..She ate the meat but left the skin nicely on the plate.. LoL..

My unlucky day..

Today is basically an unlucky day for me.. WHY??
it's because two painful things happend to me..

number one.. ~
I slipped and fell on my ass hardly in the kitchen.. Wasn't just embarrassing.. but hell, painful.. My poor, poor ass..

number two.. ~ HOT BOILING MISO SOUP SPILLED ON MY HAND.. *sobs* so pain.. it's like red and it hurts way more than the ass fall.. huhu.. 【 > 。 < 】

My icing hand.. haha.. pain..

Nite ya'll..


* Once again.. pictures were SECRETLY TAKEN.. haha

Sunday, October 14, 2007

a kinda very very very very long post..

Hi.. Long time no see people..
I'm working in Sushi King for those who don't know..
The first two days was a killer..
my legs hurt like hell!!!

At work..
I'm known as..
i) Adik..
ii) Alis..
iii) Ah moi
iv) TEAMAKER... [ - o - ] "

Anyway.. Re-cap of the 3 days of work..

Day - ONE

I have to wear a stinking bandana on my head..
when i take it off.. My hair falls flat.. > . <

The kitchen.. It's actually very small..

Hahaha.. Leftover sushi for supper.. n it's free.. =)
I was cleaning up and then some of the senior staff was like.. Eh.. eat, eat.. so i just ate.. haha..

Day - TWO

Kitchen part 2.. haha..
So much yakult..

My stolen chawanmushi.. ( ^0 ^ )
The kitchen crew had extra during lunch..
Then one of them called me in, I'm in the service department.. Again Azi asked me, secretly whether i wanted it or not.. Obviously i wanted it.. ahha.. n i had to eat it hiding away from the supervisor.. haha..

The easy way of cleaning up sushi plates at closing time..


My work station.. the tea section..
Hot water and green tea = my job..

Today's supervisor...
OMG.. like the whole day she was giving speeches!
Everyone was practically running away from her..
I managed to snap her photo when i was on break.. =)

This shows how empty Sushi King can be during the time of 3pm till 6pm..
Dana and Kak Julie wasting time talking.. haha...

The streets is also as empty as the road can be..
Silent.. haha..

That's all for the three days i've worked..
It can be tiring but also fun at the same time.. haha

P.S.: If you're slow and cant' wotk.. please go back home! Yeah i'm talking a bout you MR.SLOW! Pisses everyone off at work.!

*NOTE - Pictures were taken secretly.. haha..

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Finally i got hired..
I'll be starting work today at 5.. ahaha..
Sushi King anyone?

Dunkin' Doughnuts.. you can just lose my application form!
I don't care anymore! Wahaha...

Okay.. i sort of envy Mei Kheng..
There's so many people working with her in McD.. huhu..
Loner me and Sook Yee.. [> . <]

but anyways.. hope i'd do well in my first job..

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


To the person who owns or drives the vechicle above...

What happens when...

a) You're in Kee Tjin's
b) There's no graphic card in his computer..
c) Three idiots combine..

all the above equeals to : MONOPOLY

Idiot No. 1 ~ Yours Truly..

Idiot No. 2 ~ Xue Feng.. <-- i think that's how u spell his name..

Idiot no. 3 ~ Kee Tjin <-- Owner of the monopoly.. [>.<]
Practically we played monopoly from 11 o'clock till 3.. i think..
I think i've got myself the MONOPHOBIA..
not gonna play monopoly for a while..
N i suck at KartRider.. i don't know how to play RACING GAMES!!!!

Mr. Lim's add maths class..

Okay.. Class was really interesting today.. Haha.. I practically wasn't even listening..

Thanks to Mei lynn. Haha.. We couldn't stop talking go class.. Haha.. Kill me if i care.. Exam's over! Haha..

Blog later.. Haha..

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Revolving tower..

Will it collapse?

Haha.. I'm so full!
Bloated.. Happy accounts day cannot day tomorrow?

Saturday, October 6, 2007

( @ ~ @ )

I'm so so tired..
Thank you..

My eyes are tired..
Thank you..

Sook Yee's hair looks different..
Thank you..

Like mushroom if without wax..
Thank you..

So bloody hot..
Thank you..

Why don't you rain?
Thank you..

Wan to read yaoi manga..
Thank you..

But none favour me..
Thank you..

Dead tired now..
Thank you..

See you some other time..
Thank you..

P.S.: Today's fishball meal was so damn spicy!
Thank you..

Friday, October 5, 2007

It's obvious.. I'm nuts..

"KAR HOE!!!!!! Saga in TSUBASA PV very ying arrrr!!!!!!"

Green Lasers.. shine here n there..
pls don't through me!!

alice nine. - TSUBASA <-- just copy this n got youtube n watch.. haha..
lazy to upload here.. [^o^]

Shou actually looks very cute here in the PV.. {>.<}

I just can't wait for my 2 Limited Edition and regular edition of TSUBASA.. The eagerness to get it now it driving me nuts!

one word for alice nine.

two words for the band..

three words for Saga..

Thursday, October 4, 2007


Dear jealkb fans,
jealkb is releasing their MAJOR DEBUT SINGLE!!!!!
It's coming out on 31st October 2007!

It's called Chikai..Wanna listen to the preview..
Click here...


They're getting ready for their 2008 tour..!
Details :

★jealkb LIVE TOUR 2008★


OPEN 18:30
START 19:30

東京・Zepp Tokyo
OPEN 18:00
START 19:00
OPEN 19:00
START 19:30

福岡・DRUM Be-1
OPEN 17:00
START 18:00



★Luv U★

Was taken from Elsa's post.. [^o^]

~ ! @ # $

I never knew that Street Fighter teaches you three Japanese words..

Let me quote what Jc "phrased" today..

"Yamate" = "help"
"Hayaku" = "faster"
"kimochi" = "feels good"

What do these few words sound like?
I wonder what..
Tell me if you know..

TSUBASA and Ruri no Ame's PV is out for sample!!!
I really really want the single now!

Monday, October 1, 2007


I've only got three words for you period..


Thank you!
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