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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bothersome thoughts.

Hello there!

It hasn't been three years yet but I'm back writing! Lol

Urgh, I don't know what's wrong with me.
It's going really well with Shaun!
Like even better than I had imagined but there's just something that limits me and I don't know why it's like that. :(

I just feel that it's too good to be true!
Everything is just moving so smoothly and I just can't kick the thought that it's all just a dream.
I'm blahdy insecure. Insecure if I actually really was capable of snatching my hunk away from the market. Haha.. It's not Shaun's fault or anything. Just mine.

Maybe like he said I'm being too critical with myself and let others mind their own business but...
Yeah, it's the but that's doing all these bullshit to me.

Meh, I really just hope that it's me and not something drastic in the near future.
Maybe it's because of Amway that's making me doubt him.


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

It's 2014

Hello World! It's me after about 3 years!

Looking back at the last post just made me feel like writing again.

I know I'm actually supposed to be doing my assignments but I just couldn't concentrate. I know I am someone who can be easily distracted but maybe I just wanted to get some stuff off my mind. It's difficult to update what I've been up to to or have done since the last post so I'll just start of with last week.

Last week was...

It was something I would never had imagine to happen to me. I know I doubt myself a lot and I don't have much confidence in myself, especially my ability to attract things or even people in my life. But somehow, last week was a major turnover.

I met someone. :)

Someone who actually makes me feel so comfortable just being who I am. I'm so grateful that he accepts me for who I am and polishes me to do the things I like. I'm not someone who has had much experience when it comes to relationships so the feelings I have right now are so new to me and it excites me! Call me stupid or anything but I'm love struck. THANK YOU CUPID!

My heart flutters very easily since I've met him. I can't stop thinking when I would see him or when I could hear his voice. I unconsciously stare at the text messages he sends me. Sometimes, I read the whole conversation again and again. Hahaha. I just can't help it!

I love his kisses, his cuddles, his voice, his touch, the way he holds my hand and the little random remarks he makes. Not forgetting the way he lets me boss him around. :D

SO CUTE!! >.< 

Gosh, I just really like him! Just thinking about him makes me smile.

Like a pervert. T______T

I've never had anyone treat me like the way he does. He makes me feel wanted and appreciated and honestly, thats all I ask for. Okay, maybe sometimes a little more of other things but.. being wanted and appreciated... just fulfills me. It satisfies me and maybe, just maybe makes me like myself a little bit more.

I'm so drama. hahaha. And he knows it too! LOL. I know it's only been a week but somehow time doesn't really play that big of a role. I just feel the connection I have with him. A very strong connection that is. I want to tell the whole world about him but I'm afraid I would take things a little too fast so maybe this is where I hit my breaks for now.

It's still very early for me to say this but somehow, I can see a future with this guy. My French Fly.

Anyways, here's a picture of me!
It's my facebook profile picture but who cares!

Well that's it for now.
I wonder when will I be posting again?
Soon, maybe. Or in another 3 years? H

I forgot! This is my 1001 post!

What a number. :D 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


While I was in the shower this came to me..

Once upon a time, in a place called Alison's room, lived a very distant relative of vampires.

Some have black and white stripes on their abdomens and some don't, they are small in sizes, weigh about 1 gram each and the most significant part of these creatures are that they secretly SUCK blood. FREEEEEESH BLOOOOOOOOD.

They dwell in hidden corners and reproduce in places with water. Once the weather turns hot, these baby pests pop out of their egg shells crying "I'M HUNGRY! MOMMMY! I'M HUNGREEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!"

Yup my friends, these annoying little rascals are what society knows them as MOSQUITOS! Their nose/trunk/mouth/whatever you call it is like a straw. A very very sharp straw which pokes through your skin.

HELLOOOOO? What do you do with your straw? YES YOU SUCK WITH IT!

Not only do they fill their tummy with my precious B type blood, they FREAKING LEAVE the evidential mark of a red bump that as it grows, it itches. Plus, they make you use your valueble energy that you save for other better purposes to scratch it. Not just a scratch. It's scratches that makes you curse those little bloody vampires!

The end.


that's the end!

seriously the end!

what are you waiting for?




oh right!

If you people are wondering if I'm still gonna go..
Yes. I'm gonna go!
Nothing is stopping me as of this moment.


I will dearly pray for peace and calmness throughout Japan. Do it together with me..

one more thing./

For those Malaysians who have hmmm...
no compassionate words to be said you can keep it to yourself.
We don't wanna hear it on CNN anymore.


see you real soooooooooooooooooon!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Just me


I think I increased my level of doing stupid, silly and pointless things.

I won't tell you every thing I did but... maybe one so that you can imagine what I mean by stupid, silly and pointless..

I recorded myself doing tongue twisters with different slangs and speed.


See what I mean by stupid, silly and pointless?


Anyways, this post is just a post so that my blog will have a new post on it's front page. Finally one from MARCH!

Only another 23 days left...!
The Jitters are coming..

D.O.M! Dirty Old Men!

Bye then!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another Video~


Yes!! It's all you've been waiting for!
Another pointless, meaningless, lifeless video that entertains~


Since I was visitting granny and the wheelchair was left unattented, I kinda pity how lonesome it was becoming. So since I'm such a nice person, I kept it company for a wee bit 5 minutes or so?

Okay la..
I'm not telling the truth..
I sat on it more than 10 minutes...


Why must you make me be so honest!
Someone should award me with the most honest blogger award!

Enough small talk!

On to the video~




Tuesday, February 22, 2011


For one whole yesterday, I have been puking since the morning.. Anything I ate or drank would automatically come out in a matter of 10 to 15 minutes.. Wooohooo! How fun is that!


I hope this does not happen to anyone cause the feeling seriously sucks big time! Urghh~ It makes your legs go wobbly, then you feel that your hands belong to someone else and plus the dizziness in your head feels like you've been head banging for the past 10 years!

So in conclusion it makes you feel like Benzoate Ostylezene Bicarbonate a.k.a. Bob from Monsters Vs. Aliens in a more sickly than happy way..

Here's a pic of how happy, pervy Bob looks like..

On second thought, I think I feel more like his lime green jello friend~
Say Hellllllllllo! :D

And here's a picture of a puking Bob~

Yeah, I'm quite aware that my drawings are ugly~ But who cares! :)

P.S.: While I was typing this, I went to feed Pico his kibbles, and while I was doing so, I accidentally poured the kibbles on to the floor and thus having to use the insufficient energy that I have to clean it up!


*Note to self: Make sure you close the container properly before you pick it up STUPID!
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