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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy 53rd Merdeka!

jalur gemilang

It's been fifty-three years since Malaysia's first independence!
Well time really flies real fast!

Gonna take my beautiful night nap now~
See you tomorrow!
Wonder if I'll go swimming tomorrow night or not since there's not reply.


and twitter is getting fun!

and boring sometimes...

And as you can see, I did something to the bloggie~
It looks the same butjust wider and bigger...
Should have done this a long time ago!

P.S.: Stole the picture from somewhere on google! so credit goes to whoever took that nice lil pic~

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Aaron's new house.

Okay first off,

You are finally touching the nice "three-O"..

Ya still remember this? ---> clickie
super embarassing tho. hahaaaa..
can't believe i posted something like that. :P

back to the main topic...
His new house is about a 5-8 minutes walk to KLCC. Close right? THe view from his tiny balcony shows one of entrance to Suria KLCC. Nice eh? It's still unfirnished, has no water supply and without any lightings but there's electricity!

You can go there, turn on the air cond and stand the whole time you're there if you did not bring a stool or a mat..

You'll end up like my sacrificed foot if you sat on the floor with neither.

I actually have a very obscene picture of myself posing with both my legs but am too shy to even post it up. It's really painful even for my eyes!


Sunday, August 22, 2010

A new header!

WOW! been about a month since my last post?

Sorry, coz there hasn't been anything fascinating going on in my life so it's not updated. okay.. okay..! i know i've been lazy! so no more! Will update a thing or two. Even if it's little.. xD

Here's some lemon meringue pie i made the other day~


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