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Sunday, August 31, 2008

I would..

Do anything just for a piece of cucumber... >.>"

I would beg and climb stools just to savour the taste of my favourite cucumber!

I am also good in hiding..

Plus.. I bite..

So beware when you agitate me..!


It's the first time i saw a snail laying eggs...

I have no idea why..

But it layed on the stairs pathway..


I think this snail wants attention.. xD

Monday, August 25, 2008

A tribute to my...

one and only brother!!!!!!

His very Donald Duck looking picture.. =D

Form 1

Form 3..
I don't know where his form 2 graduation book is.. >.<

From 4...

Form 5...
Actually he's not so bad looking right?
The second form the left is my bro!!!

and today is his 28th birthday!!!!!!

Happy Birthday! о(ж>▽<)y ☆

Love you loads..
from your sis back home! <3

Sunday, August 24, 2008

baaa baaa

It's expensive...
Bird's Nest is expensive!!!

I don't know why it's so expensive..
and i don't really love it...

But since it's expensive..
I'll just shut up and eat it! xD


What do you call these leaves?

I don't know..
But i love the smell of it!!

It smells lemony and nice!

I like!

the scratch from Friday by mocha...


3 Golden Rules
• state 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself
• The 10 people I tag are then to follow my footsteps and write their own 15 weird things/habits and little known facts.
• No tag backs (:

1. I love Saga~~~~!!!
2. I love alice nine.~~~!!!!!
3. I love yaoi~!!!!
4. I love my mocha~~~~ *chu*
5. I can skip meals and eat at around 3pm.. *shock*
6. I shave/wax my legs and when the hair starts to grow a little longer.. i take the tweezer and pull them! the feeling is fun!
7. I talk to myself when I face the computer.. =D
8. Sometimes, I will suddenly laugh..
9. I like to fart and let my brother smell!
10. I chase mocha in my room everyday and i like to disturb him.. but when i do that.. i get scars on my hand.. O.O *masochist*
11. I like to cook.. but sometimes the things i cook are weird... but it ends up in my stomach anyways~~~ xD
12. I'm lazy...
13. I start to feel sleepy when the teacher starts talking but once they go away.. My energy miraculously comes back! xD
14. I can control my ear movements! *weirdo*
15. I enjoy lazing on my bed!

& the 10 people i choose:
Apparently all the people i will choose will be almost the same as Idiot.. >.>"
Fine then..
Saga!!!!!!!!!! xD
Yin Yie
Yean Teng
May Lynn

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


It's a miracle...

I actually watched this...
with my mom....

But i wathced it first.....
She wanted me to download it!

and err...
I only downloaded the first part...
But i don't think i want her to watch the second part...................!

It's too.....
how do you say...
not her type?

I like the performances in the show..
But when it comes to the love story in it...
Mnn.. Let's just say not my type...



It's actually quite hard to take a decent picture..


Stupid camera!!


I want the pic the the "horse girl"!
hee haw..
that's donkey...
Whatever la....


Pathetic story behind the day out with Carmen to Pavillion..

Never been that....


the both of us...


Thursday, August 14, 2008


I guess you can say that the "hottest" topic in school now is blogging?
Haha.. It's not the kind which like "you make one ahh? then i also make one la.."

It's the kind where.....
Teachers read students blog... wow! O.O


Well.. whatever..
At first i was lazy to blog about this..
But then now it's like sort of a trend? haha something la..
I'm just following the crowd.. =D

So.. I'll warn you first..
I'll try to make this as unhurtful as i can okay..
Err.. if you can't take anything harsh then you can just skip this post... ^^

But i think everyone knows that curiousity kills..
So you'll be reading this anyway..

I think I'm crapping too much already..
I'll just get on with what i'm gonna write..

So here goes....

You have been warned okay!!!

I love/hate my school...

I love/hate my teachers...

I love/hate my friends...

I love/hate my class..

Yeahh.. thats all i wanted to say..

Well, it's true..
I really love/hate things when i love/hate things...
depends on my mood..

But i know i definitely hate it when there is homework/housework!

Well.. thanks for taking your time to read this...

One more thing..
I'm not trying to challenge you or anything..
I'm just stating my mind..
I hope i don't indirectly hurt anyone..

I'm a sweet girl!! I like sweet things!
But i realised i've become very whiney or you can say naggy..
Haha.. must be the influence..

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

aaron's car.......


You see him??
You see them??
You see the car?!?!?!?!??!?!

Yes , yes and yes..... xD

his car...

just damn ying....... >.>"

The next time i go there..
I must have my license!!
I want to ride it!! haha...

Secretly though.. =D

Two thumbs up for

a nice packed LRT ride home..

I've never sat on an LRT home as packed as today before.. >.<
I was optioned to kiss either someone's armpit


someone's tudung


a bunch of hands on the pole..

If i turned my head 360°..
I bet i would have to kiss someone's something..
Not that something la.. Be more postive! >.>"

Owh ya...
and someone's rolled newspapers was against my ass...
It wasn't directly against my ass...
But was against it..
haha.. do you get it?

People.. please don't roll you newspaper..
or be aware when someone pushes it!
Don't bring it back to the same position it was!

I think i can hear someone going goo goo gooo..


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

No more...

I'm sick of ghost stories already...
No more!!!

I just hope Pn.Wong can stop talking about her experiences..

Last night was sort of hard to sleep..
Thanks to the help of these stories..

Main source.....
True Singapore Ghost Stories...........


But then....
It was my curiosity that gave in and made me listen to them..

I guess this is the perfect time to say..
You reap what you sow..



hallelujah! >.>"

A new hand pose!!!
Finally! xD

I thought he only knew of "the Saga".
He looks cute here.. ne?


I salute you!


Say hello to "the Saga" again....


See the shadow?
It's mine!!!
Ignore me...

I've got a...



But then..
only for siri 6/2009..
How many siri's are there in 2009?

3 right?



I DON'T WANT!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Olympics sure is tiring...
Five minutes watching tv...
the next thing...
you hear snoring...... >.>"

You see..

the two black thing in each corner of the picture..?
That'y my new speaker!!!!
Finally~~~~ <3
No more earphones....... =)
btw : Wallpaper scan is credited to faustusfaustine@LJ


Interested in home-bowling?

If my mom knew I hid all these bottles in my room....

You would no longer see me tomorrow... >.<


I seriously don't know whats wrong with his hand/fingers....

I think it's really glued to that position..

It only releases when he plays the guitar.. >.>"

We shall name it "the Saga"! yeahh!!!

*Note : They are practically "the Saga" pictures...

This is the latest "the Saga" pose...

another one..

and another one...

Here we go again..

and again with the ocean view...

and again with the sexy nape....

the cute look with "the Saga"!

the a little bit look like Syee mom look with "the Saga"

"the Saga" again.. obviously...

Is this suppose to be a fox or "the Saga"?

This is definitely "the Saga"!

Owhh Look...! Saga and Shou...
I like how Saga looks here...
But Shou... a little.... *no comment*


Me and mom doing "the Saga"!

har har har....................^^

Friday, August 8, 2008

No worries~~~

It's heree~~~~~~~~~~~~
Finally!!! I'm at ease.....!
IT'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll go rape it once more~~

rich bastard!

Euro-man got himslef a S mall L ittle K elisa for his 28th birthday!
Nice number plate.. T.T
Loke kau! oops.. Loke Koo~~


How to dry your clothes overnight..
With the help of the air-cond and FAN!!!
thanks to technology!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


I just remembered something...

I forgot to brush my teeth today..


Okay.. back to doing G stupid useless work!



The internet connection still sucks!

I'm sick of calling streamyx!
They'll either tell you to :
a) clear your cookies
b) turn off your modem
c) restart your computer
d) flush your dns cache
e) ping something
f) do a speed test
g) If all the above do not help.. they will fill in a report for you.. then they will ask you to wait for two working days for them to rectify the problem..

It's been more than two bloody working days my friend! The problem still exists!!!!!!
It's almost a week already! What's the point for paying RM110 for streamyx when the internet is not working properly!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you..
May God bless you..!
Coz i think there are loads of people suffering from internet connection problems ready to murder/kill/fire/bomb/whatever they can think of to do to you...
Have a nice day.. =)


I guess you can say that i had the most shocking day of my life on Friday..
I'm seriously not kidding about this..!

I practically saw a man committing suicide..
I can still feel the shivers in my spine..

Was on the way to school and it happened near the Pandan Jaya LRT station.
The opposite lane was empty when suddenly a Kelisa drove by and the man ran out of nowhere..
Something like the picture below la..

I saw how the guy got bang and flew midway up in the air and then fell..
FUCK! I can't imagine how the lady who banged him was feeling..

I'm glad Nabari no Ou changed their ending theme.. Coz when that accident happened i was listening to it.. >.<
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