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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

He lost his dick. =___=

Fucker. I hope he one day, bangs a Mercedes-Benz and then was asked to compensate RM250! But unfortunately he only had 210 in his pocket. Then the Benz says that he will make a police report if he don't pay. HAH! Take away his license. This stupid idiotic fucking retarted taxi driver! I have never seen such an abominal taxi driver in my life. If he crashes. It's his own fault and I would gladly clap my hands anytime anywhere! Plus, he's not using the metre! FUCK SUBANG JAYA TAXIS!

Do not sit on the taxi with the number HWB 9530.
The driver is an Indian man,
with untidy facial hair growing,
Has a round hair cut,
plays those R&B, yo! yo! yo! hey what's up?! songs,
and drives like a mad cow.

I'm fucking pissed off with this asshole.

Nia sing ah!

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