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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


While I was in the shower this came to me..

Once upon a time, in a place called Alison's room, lived a very distant relative of vampires.

Some have black and white stripes on their abdomens and some don't, they are small in sizes, weigh about 1 gram each and the most significant part of these creatures are that they secretly SUCK blood. FREEEEEESH BLOOOOOOOOD.

They dwell in hidden corners and reproduce in places with water. Once the weather turns hot, these baby pests pop out of their egg shells crying "I'M HUNGRY! MOMMMY! I'M HUNGREEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!"

Yup my friends, these annoying little rascals are what society knows them as MOSQUITOS! Their nose/trunk/mouth/whatever you call it is like a straw. A very very sharp straw which pokes through your skin.

HELLOOOOO? What do you do with your straw? YES YOU SUCK WITH IT!

Not only do they fill their tummy with my precious B type blood, they FREAKING LEAVE the evidential mark of a red bump that as it grows, it itches. Plus, they make you use your valueble energy that you save for other better purposes to scratch it. Not just a scratch. It's scratches that makes you curse those little bloody vampires!

The end.


that's the end!

seriously the end!

what are you waiting for?




oh right!

If you people are wondering if I'm still gonna go..
Yes. I'm gonna go!
Nothing is stopping me as of this moment.


I will dearly pray for peace and calmness throughout Japan. Do it together with me..

one more thing./

For those Malaysians who have hmmm...
no compassionate words to be said you can keep it to yourself.
We don't wanna hear it on CNN anymore.


see you real soooooooooooooooooon!

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Anonymous said...

stupid bitch

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