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Thursday, April 9, 2009


I'm so evil.

Stupid girl who called
me regarding college just now.. haha

She : Can I speak to Alison?
Me : Yeah, speaking.
She : I'm calling from Kolej -----(somehting.. I forgot)
Me : huh? Kolej what?
She : Kolej -----..
Me : Ohh, okay. (I pretented to know.. xD)
She : Have you started schooling now?
Me : Yeah, *to cut things short I said yes*
She : Ohh, where?
Me : Taylors.
She : Okay.. *cuts phone line*
Me : *thinks* rude much. =.=

*Note : Conversation was all in Malay. xD

Tuning into : doa - Good Day☆Bad Day

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