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Saturday, July 3, 2010

My sad story.

Okay, first note.
As you all know I'm always complaining that I have no money and that is the truth.

I'm so poor that....
I only have RM5 in my purse/wallet.
(I don't know what to call my money bag) haha

And to top it off,
I still owe Maybell's dad for the Lang Tengah trip!

Okay, so whatever..
Here's what happen with a step by step guide.

Step one: Decide to take the money to use

I had to use the money that I kept aside for Lang Tengah to buy some ingredients for the dorayaki which my hands were itching to make.. It's really painful to even take the RM50 note to buy my stuff! I was sitting on my chair arguing in my brain if i should take the money or not.

Took it.

Step two: Go to a supermarket

So after deciding, i hoped into my brother's trusty SLK Small Little Kelisa and went to the nearest supermarket, MAXVALUE which was about 5 minutes away from my house. TOOK ME 12-15 FREAKING MINUTES TO REACH because it was a Friday night and I got stuck at the 8m distance to reaching MaxValue. Bla bla bla, over with the traffic disturbance....


Step three: Park the car

KEBABIAN BETUL. No parking says it all.
So, luckily I have the worlds best car. It would fit in any mini slot..! =D

Step four: Look for the items

I only needed 2 things and it was all I was hunting for.
a) Whipping cream and
b) Cake flour.

That was it. Walked to the dairy products aisle saw the whipping cream. Picked it up,saw the price, put it back down and walked to the flour section.

Pau flour, check.
Wheat flour, check.
Self-raising flour, check.
Rice flour, check.
Superfine white flour, CHECK.


Oh well, life goes on.

Then I walked passed the fruits and vegetables section and I saw strawberries! Decided to buy them and I took all the packs that they had there to choose which was the best. There was like about 18 of them I think?

Chosed the best one and I was ready to pay!
Walked towards the counter and then I placed the strawberries where I got them. There were too many people in the queue since THERE WAS ONLY ONE FREAKING COUNTER OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step five: Go home.

I got into the car, drove all the way home and wasted 45 minutes of my life.


My life is so fun..!


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