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Monday, March 23, 2009

Jrock no Tamashii


I like the ending of the whole program.
Glad that the purpose of going there was worth it.

I'd say, the best band that was up there on
that night were Drako'Zen, Strawberry Jam and Gemini.

The vocals for these three bands were the best!
Especially when it came to screaming/shouting/making loud noises.

We're not so..
How do you say it?


But there was one band which I really, kind of hated and got annoyed. I seriously DO NOT like her voice or the way she sang. Irritating.

Critic from someone who can't even sing proprly in Karaoke. =.=

Mah, just how my ear sends signals to my brain and my brain sends them to my fingers to, as the Idiot says "poke" the keyboard.

I envy the guy who won the DMC bear figurine.
I WANT ALSO LA.... >.<

Pictures.. Pictures....
I don't have them! HAH!
Still haven't gotten them from the Idiot.


P.S.: The guy working on the floors is kinda annoying. He's like amoi, takde filem lain ke? Yang lebih hot? Tak mau jalan-jalan la. Kalau macan itu saya pun boleh la. EYERRRR... Where's my privacy?

Tuning into : MANNEQUIN - Love is Love

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