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Monday, March 2, 2009

Tagged by Aaron & Wawa

At the end of the post , tag 10 people to do the same except the tagger :) Continue this game by sending to other people (refer to rule No.2)

Name: Alison
Age/Birthday: 14th April 1991
School: I don't have one at the moment.. xD
Elder sister: None
Younger sisters: Zero
Elder brother: One and only
Younger brothers: Thank god I don't have one..
Favourite liquid's/ drinks: Too many..
Favourite consumables/ food: Countless
Favourite place to sleep: Bed, my school table!
Flying: I want to fly to Saga's arms~~
Swimming or diving: Both?
How many friends in msn: Lazy to count.. xD
Loved ones: Hmmm...
Get kicked on the butt: *glares at Aaron Loke and KDL*
Allergic?: Gladly, NONE~!
Gastric?: Minimal
Age of Marriage?: When I'm old enough..
Children wanted?: .......
Age of death?: Above 60? hahaha
Animals in your house?: Lizards, ants, dead cockroach hanging by the stairs... xD
Longest fingernails ever kept?: Don't remind me.. sad story.. >.<
Wanted birthday present: PSC 10th Anniversary DVD!

Q : In your dreams, god makes you a billionaire and grants you a wish, what will you wish for?
A happy life~

A - Attached or single ?: single.. =D
B - Best friend?: I can't count them..
C - Cake or pie?: Pie
D - Day of choice?: Fridays~~
E - Essential item?: MY COMPUTER~~~~
F - Favourite colour?: Whatever that is pleasant.. haha
G - Gummy bears or worms?: Gummy bears ftw!
H - Hometown?: Ampang..
I - Favourite indulgence: Dark Chocolates..?
J - January or July?: January!
K - Kids?: Never really liked them.. D=
L - Life isn't complete without ?: SAGA!!!! or alice nine.
M - Marriage date: I have no freaking idea when!
N - Number of magazine subscriptions?: None.
O - Oranges or apples?: Apples!
P - Phobias: Lizards... T.T
Q - Quotes?: Never do today's work when you can do it tomorrow! haha
R - Reasons to smile?: It come naturally..
S - Season of choice: Autumn or fall~~ I love the falling leaves!
T - Tag 4 people: Yuki, Pei Jinn, Yvonne, Idiot(she can do it when she comes back) xD
U - Unknown fact about you?: MUAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH~
V - Virgin? : ...........
W - Worst habit?: Staring blankly into the monitor and shaking my leg... T.T
X - X-men? X-women?: Wth...
Y - Your favorite food?: Why do the questions repeat?
Z - Zodiac sign: Aried... =D

Tagging 10 anonymous people who wants to do this!

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