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Monday, December 21, 2009

The life of Bore.

My name is Bore.

I live with my family in the Islands of Boredom.
So technically, we are called the Borings.
We are the natives of this lands.

In my family, it consist of my parents, Borin and Borina. My mother had changed her name from Dull to Borina because she felt that it would please my grandmother, Borng-est. My brother and his wife, Boringa and Sien also live with us.

My parents own a shop down the beach called Boring.
We are actually from the aboriginal tribe called Boring
and that is why our ancestors named the shop Boring.
It also expresses our love and honour as the Borings.

Our job is to do boring.
All our work consist of boring stuff.

Thats all for today.
We'll see you next time.



Sien said...

is there anyone name Borndan??

Alison Ji An said...

since adison or adigal or connought is born yet.. so no lor..

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