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Saturday, August 22, 2009

The nursery rhyme that sounds wrong.

Cock a doodle do!
What is my dame to do?
Till master's found his fiddlingstick,
She'll dance without her shoe.

Cock a doodle do!
My dame has found her shoe,
And master's found his fiddlingstick,
Sing cock a doodle do!

Cock a doodle do!
My dame will dance with you,
While master fiddles his fiddlingstick,
And knows not what to do.

Why did the author have to use the word "fiddlingstick"?
Couldn't the master not play a violin?

Fiddling stick sounds WRONG.
Totally wrong.
Also, the part where it says my dame will dance with you.

I can't believe kids have been feeding on these nursery rhymes.

When things go wrong.

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