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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Selamat Birthday...

It sounds like "safe birthday" instead
of what I wanted the meaning to be..
Did you get that?

If no.. then..
That's too bad, you just lost RM200.. =D

Thanks Fuckey for the birthday present!

It's delayed but who cares?
As long as you get one right?

There we go!

Thanks a bunch!
My first girugamesh single!

Ohh ohhh!
It also came with a paper file!
Not that I'm gonna use it..
But.. Uhh...
Yeahh.. hahaha

Doens't make sense and this is getting too long..

Does it sound naggy?
Well, then let me nag you since I don't have the chance to re-nag my mother/father..


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