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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We're still in Langkawi...

We went Island hopping. =D

I also love this picture. Feels very natural.

I think the next picture will be fun(ny)?
Hahaha.. Well.. I think it's funny..
So I do hope that you think that it's funny..
But if you don't think it's funny then I can't do anything about it can I? But it'd be nice if you think that it's funny the way I think that it's funny..?

If it makes sense.... =D



no wait...


Finally... Tadah.. =D
Annoyed with the hair flying around.....

Wheee~~ Problem solved!!!

Ignore the chubs.
Can't erase them even if I want to.. hahaha..

Tuning into : Plastic Tree - Zazaburi. Zazanari.

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