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Monday, October 5, 2009


You can not fully like someone but you surely can fully hate someone.

I hate someone.

"IT" annoys me.
Because "IT" is always bragging.

"IT" thinks that everyone is interested about "ITs'" life.
I can't wait for someone to shove and apple/sock/dick into "ITs'" mouth to shut it up. I won't be that person because I'm the very very good girl that everyone sets their eyes upon.

I'm an angel when I'm not talking.

Oh, wait. the dick thing..
is usually shoved in.
Coz "IT" TALKS BIG ABOUT "IT's" sex life too.

It is quite obvious that I do not like this "IT" one bit.
Because, when I do not like someone.
I ignore.

I'm not interested in your bragging.
Neither am I interested in your life.
Please do not brag near me or to me.
I'm not fascinated by it.
Please keep it to yourself or do it in front of poeple who are amazed by it.

nothing to do with "IT".
Just the song. hahahaha

Tuning into : the GazettE - FILTH IN THE BEAUTY

1 comment:

Poppo kun said...

Same to me, Shika.. i want to talk about Yaoi or at least about homosexuality.. but nobody talks with me... ;;

lets go together in school Shika!

we can talk the whole day about all Yaoi parinings in our dreams XDD haha <3

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