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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's confirmed... I guess...?

Next semester,
I'll be taking International Business, Business Leadership and Economics. I hope I can cope with all 3 business subjects.. Can I?

Anyways, why is economics under social science?
What's so social science about economics?

Been very lazy to go for MDM class these few days.
Maybe because I finished my ISU presentation already.
hahaha.. But.. I STILL WENT okay..!
I just said I was lazy.

On another note,
I remembered someone saying this...
"People think that people who drive modified cars are poor but eventhough I'm driving a modified car, I'm rich."

If someone said this, you'd feel like...
WTF right?
I never knew such people exist.
They brag about how rich they are?
Becareful when you're out.

Tuning into : IVAN - Darker Pink

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