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Friday, January 8, 2010

Me is happy!

I love google. Google is one of my best friends online!
Okay, back to why I'm happy.

Berry Berry Happy that is. =D

The comp's fixed.
Lappie is fixed! (other than the batter pack thing. hahha. But i'll live.)


Ohh ohh~~

2 people complimented on my blog in the same week~~
This makes me UBER uber happy~
Glad that this place makes you laugh and enjoy..
Thanks Sharvin and patrickC....

One more!
One MOAR~~

The $$$ in my nuffnang account has been growing!
Which has never happened in the past 2 years? hahaha!
Thanks to whoever who clicked on me adds..

Everyone loves money~
I do and I know you do to...!

Currently listening to : girugamesh - Gokusou

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