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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


It's almost 4am right now.
Dead sleepy..

and am going to sleep right after this post!
Just felt like post-flooding my blog!
Even if it's full of crap that no one reads..

I had a lot of fun with Big-Ass-Cam today!
I click! Click! Click! and SNAP!
I super micro-ed and normalised the shots!

Snapped Boitch's butt mark on the chair!
And it looked.... FUNNY!

Enough about today,
someone complained about my posts to be short..
But then, how long can i post things?
I don't know..

Actually, how was the beginning of blog post anyway?
I mean like, how do the original bloggers posts their stuff?

I'm like jumping into different topics at a time..
Not full in details owh wth!

Anyways, it turns out that..
I might not go to college this year!
Will be taking mostly language classes..
haha.. will I be good in them?
Only time will tell..

I am seriously sleepy!
I can feel the eyes drooping down!
And I know that my face is very EMO-ed!
Heck, can't help it!
It's called EMOtion!

nighties.. =D
or should i say MORNING?!?!

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