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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

German class and Jap class..

I'm so sleepy every morning! haha..
Who isn't..

German class starts at 10a.m.
but i have to wake up at 8a.m! T.T

Overall, German class is funny!
The spelling is similar to English,
but the pronounciation is way different!
Obviously.. =.=

Even alphabets in German is weird!
The pronounciation for G is "gay",
Y is "Upsilon" and V is "fau"..

It's just so weird for me! hahaha..
But luckily i have Poppo to help me!! xD

I hate it when y teacher asks me
Bushtabieren Sie bitte!
Wie ist Ihre Telefonnummer?
I get my number and alphabets all mixed up!

And I have homework!
Damn it! For a person who has not passed up homework
for so long to pass up homework is so weird!

Japanese Class on the other hand..
Was a little boring.. xD
Coz, I already learned it by myself.. xD
Though, they haven't started on hiragana or katakana..

I'm so proud of myself!
There was this dude, that learned Japanese 7 years ago
joined my class.. So he was always talking to the teacher in
Japanese which was kinda annoying coz this was the most
bloody basic level and not many can understand.. T.T

But luckily for me..
I can understand whatever he and the teacher said.. xD
Thank you so much ANIME AND JDORAMA!!!!

I think i will need to download raw mangas! hahaha

Let's wait till thursday to see if he's still there or not..
Owh.. and I'm the youngest in the class!! =D

1 comment:

Poppo kun said...

and the pronounciation form the german "g" is noch gay.
Ist like the japanese hiragana "ge"
haha ~


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