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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I seriously LOVE this ALBUM!!!

Kiss twice, Kiss me deadly! Drella! Subaru! WWWW.! Hyakkaryoran!
Wahhhhhhh!!, Shou's voice is way different from before!
It can go so DEEP! Shit!! It will definitely be hard to sing in Yumekukan!

Haha.. hopefully,
by the time idiot comes back,
they already have it there for us to sing!
I can't wait for Yumekukan!!

Wahhh.. I finally got to listen to Kiss twice, Kiss me deadly!!
I've been waiting so long for that!!!
I love the beat of the song and it's so different from the others!

Omg.. I want a PV made from this song!! xD
I want to see how they have it done! Lol...

P.S.: I miss him dearly! I want him back! T.T

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